‘The Dance Day at Your Work’

‘The Dance Day at Your Work’
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During the Day of contemporary dance, on April 29, the New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) organizes project ‘The Dance Day at your work’ where artists of contemporary dance will collaborate with public and representatives of several concrete professions will become the protagonists of the project. The event is a pilot feature of 'Riga 2014' – European Capital of Culture program.

‘The Dance day at your work’ is a dedication to Riga’s services and professions, which are not regularly connected with dance, but involve movement, which is valued, unique and beautiful.

‘We have all observed shop-assistants, hairdressers or baristas at work, they move in our plain view, but how do these movements characterize and influence them or build their identity?’ representative of New Theatre Institute of Latvia Laura Stašāne explains the idea of this action.

The project has sent five choreographers on a ‘mission’ to examine, observe and select the material forming the everyday arsenal of useful and happenstance movements of representatives of a range of professions. Interacting with people employed in one of the hairstylists, a café and a shop found on Tērbatas street, choreographic phrases and quotations will be distilled drawing on the resource of gestures, poses and movements of these professionals. Observers as well as by-passers will be able to assess the result of this inter-action as a range of mini performances following one another, on the Dance day on April 29, on the route beginning on Tērbatas street in the center.

Times and venues of the event on Monday, April 29:

14:00 and 16:00 P.M. – Latvian designer shop ‘Riija’ on Tērbatas 6/8

            Choreographers Evita Birule and Sintija Siliņa

14:10 and 16:10 P.M.café Coffee Inn on Tērbatas 7

            Choreographer Eva Vancāne

14:30 and 16:30 P.M.– vintage shop De’Žavu on Tērbatas 45

            Choreographer Ramona Galkina

14:40 and 16:40 P.M.hairstylists ‘Sapnis’ on Tērbatas 48

            Choreographer Kristīne Vismane

Producer of the project recommends to be observant as performances will organically fuse into regular process of work, interrupting it for no more than three minutes and changing the flow of the day completely, enlightening and highlighting moments, which pass unnoticed or underestimated for us in the course of our day’s events.

It is planned that NTIL will expand this idea into a significantly larger project, offering the classes of movement in work-places as well as miniature performances, starting and ending spontaneously in the middle of workday, to representatives of wide variety of professions as well as a closing party of the project on April 29, 2014, ‘Bal Moderne’ where literally everybody will be invited to dance by French and Belgian choreographers.

Days of contemporary dance, organized by the Association of Choreographers will take place on April 27 – 29. More information on the range of events offered is found on “dejasdiena.wordpress.com”.


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