“Riga Magic Dance” Synthesises Dance and Extreme Sport

“Riga Magic Dance” Synthesises Dance and Extreme Sport
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For the first time ever, “Riga Magic Dance” will take place in the Ķīpsala Hall on the 10th and 11th of May, tearing down the boundaries between art and sport, creating an unprecedented explosion of emotions, and presenting a synthesis of contemporary dance and extreme sport. The performance is part of the “Riga 2014” European Capital of Culture programme.

“Riga Magic Dance” presents more than 300 of the greatest contemporary dance, hip hop, breakdance, bike trials, freestyle, skateboarding, frisbee, sport and street workout, improvisation and modern technology talents and masters on one stage, challenging their limits for the enthusiastic public. This impressive dance and sport show is combined into one by the stage director Edīte Ābeltiņa and choreographer Guntis Spridzāns.

“This is a totally unprecedented project for Latvia! Athletes and dancers will come together, bringing to life a story that is based on the vast and varied spectrum of human emotions – solitude, despair, joy, sorrow, anger, euphoria and, of course, love,” says the author and director of the performance, Edīte Ābeltiņa.

“Riga Magic Dance” promises to be an enthralling show full of surprises with a good deal of humour and irony to boot. “We’ll be dancing hip hop to waltz music! The audience will hold their breath watching professionals perform extreme tricks, whereas bikers and skaters will succumb to contemporary dance moves,” says the godfather of Latvian hip hop, the performance’s artistic director and co-ordinator Edmunds Veizāns.


Latvian extreme sport stars: skateboarders Eduards Ņehajenko, Maksims Feofīlovs, Fricis Štrauss and Niklāvs Vētra representing the popular brand “Clockwise”, inline skating trailblazers in Latvia – Kaspars Alksnis, Raimonds Prūsis from the legendary “Therolling.lv” team, Jānis Ķirpis from “Taktika.lv”, “Karters” bikers from Usma, brothers Arvis and Ansis Dermaks, BMX virtuosos Viktors Kronbergs and Tomass Grīnbergs from Ventspils, and many others will star at “Riga Magic Dance”.

In addition, there will also be spectacular performances by various tricksters, trampoline jumpers, traceurs from the Olympic Callisthenic Centre, frisbee players from “Ultimate Decision”, “Salaspils FK”, as well as the street workout team “Team Limitless”.

Breakdancers will be represented by various groups and schools including “Camelot”, “Motion bang”, “Soul City Breakers”, Veizāns Dance School, “Buras”, “The Hood”, “Lets Dance”, “Ghetto Dance Academy”, “Bump”, “Demo” and others. These will be supplemented by non-traditional and sometimes ethnographic rhythms performed by the “Pulsa efekts” association.


The performance’s choreographer Artūrs Arnis notes that, already at the beginning of April, a special room of 1000 square metres in area will be constructed in Ķīpsala Hall, with ramps, obstacle courses, elevations and special surfacing. In order for Latvian extreme sport performers to show their best, “Monsterparks” will build Latvia’s largest flybox there. “The area of the performance stage may be compared to the largest pool at the Olympic Sport Centre. It will be at least 50 metres in length, and with at least six tiers,” says Artūrs Arnis.

The event will present the entire variety of hip hop culture dance styles: hip hop, house, locking, popping, breaking, waacking, voguing, dance hall, etc.

The rehearsals in Ķīpsala will begin already in mid-April, and you are welcome to follow the artists at “Riga Magic Dance” social networks: Draugiem.lv, Twitter and Facebook.

For more information, visit the website of the performance.

Tickets to “Riga Magic Dance” are available at “Biļešu paradīze” outlets all over Latvia and online. Advance sale tickets cost EUR 5 to EUR 10.

“Riga Magic Dance” is part of the Riga 2014 European Capital of Culture Programme. The performance is organised by “BT 1 Music”.


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