Ukrainian Artist in “(Re)construction of Friendship”

Ukrainian Artist in “(Re)construction of Friendship”
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The Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan, a member of the artistic association R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Place) and participant in the HUDRADA curators and activists’ group, is one of the artists taking part in the international contemporary art exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship” (Draudzības (re)konstrukcija). As reported, the exhibition is part of the project “Corner House. Case No. 1914/2014” at the former KGB headquarters in Riga, and it will open on the 1st of May as part of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

Nikita Kadan’s project “Procedure Room” is about police torture, a widespread practice in contemporary Ukraine. “One could also say that this project is about the body as something personal (un-alienated), something private (an object of exchange), and as something that exists for the public good (entrusted with uniformed professionals),” the artist commented. 

For the project, Nikita Kadan has created a set of souvenir plates printed with drawings of police tortures and the text of an e-mail dialogue between Yekaterina Mishchenko and himself. The didactic character of the drawings addresses the collective responsibility of all those who know about police torture practices yet remain silent, bearing the guilt of what goes on “in the shadows”.


Nikita Kadan (1982) is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Art in Kiev where he studied monumental painting. Kadan was nominated for the Pinchuk Art Centre’s Award in 2009 and won the award in 2011. Kadan has participated in a number of exhibitions in Ukraine and other countries: “The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945” at Palazzo Reale in Milan, “The Future Generation Art Prize. Venice 2013”, “The Best of Times, the Worst of Times – Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art” at the first Kiev Biennale “Arsenale 2012”, and others.

The exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship” turns the spotlight on and analyses, through the prism of art, superpowers’ “friendships” with smaller countries and social groups, such as the Soviet Union’s “brotherhood of nations” or the United States’ military presence in Iceland. These and other such situations are each characterised by a special atmosphere of routine life, which has an impact on people’s mentality and the places they live. 

Participating in the exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship” are Daniel & Geo Fuchs (DE), Nikita Kadan (UA), Sandra Krastiņa and Kristaps Epners (LV), Alban Muja (KV), association ORBĪTA (LV), Tanel Rander (EE), Sigirtór Hallbjörnsson (IS) & Erik Pauser (SE), Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (LT), Johan Waerndt & Monika Marklinger (SE) and Helena Wikström (SE).

Art researchers Inese Baranovska and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir (IS), Inga Lāce, Kārlis Vērpe and Kitija Vasiļjeva are the curators of the exhibition. The exhibition is organised by the association “Art Space” (Mākslas telpa). 

The exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship” is organised in co-operation with the “Riga 2014” foundation; the project is supported by the Riga City Council, the State Cultural Capital Foundation, the Goethe Institute in Riga, IASPIS (the International Artists Studio Program in Stockholm), the Nordic Culture Point, ERGO, “Kolonna” and “Arctic Paper”. Some of the events are funded with the help of the financial instruments of the European Economic Area and Norway.

For more information about the project, visit this site or the project’s profile at Facebook.


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