Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Corner House, Video Introduction

Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Corner House, Video Introduction
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30-04-2014 Latviski A+ A-
The former KGB headquarters at Brīvības iela 61 or the Corner House opened on the 30th of April. Part of the building now houses an exhibition of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, whereas exhibitions by various artists are on display on the fourth and sixth floors of the building. Below is a video where artists participating in one of the exhibitions, “(Re)construction of Friendship”, share their thoughts about it.
The exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship” is an international art project that reflects the current political developments in the region and will be on display at the former KGB building in Riga. The exhibition analyses contemporary artists’ role in society’s cultural awareness, looks into the current historical and geographical situation, and explores the ambiguous phenomenon that we call friendship.
The main question the exhibition puts forth is – can friendships be (re)constructed?
On the 30th of April, before the opening of the Corner House, our portal hosted a live broadcast presenting the exhibition and the artists participating in the exhibition, which evolved into a virtual tour of the “(Re)construction of Friendship”.
The opening address by the exhibition’s curator Inese Baranovska


Spessi & Erik Pauser


Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (Ineses Baranovskas komentārs)


Monika Marklinger


Tanel Rander


Procedure Room (Sandra Krastiņa & Kristaps Epners)


Sandra Krastiņa


Kristaps Epners


Geo Fuchs


Helena Wikström


Sergejs Timofejevs (Orbīta) 


Alban Muja


Nikita Kadan






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