Take a look! The first ‘wordary’ of the Twister is out

Take a look! The first ‘wordary’ of the Twister is out
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Creative and witty translations of borrowings into Latvian, accepted into use ‘The First Nonsolid Volume of the New Wordary of Borrowings’ („Jaunā svešvārdu tulceņa pirmais netaustāmais sējums”) was presented to the public on Sunday, April 28, prepared in the post-Nationwide Cleanup Day and conclusion of the week of creativity event on the Esplanade in the process of playing a game of Lielmežģis, internationally known as Twister.

Latvian versions were generated for terms sent in by e-mail and posted on social sites,
as well as for words offered by the audience and participants of event. Consulted
by academic, linguist Janīna Kursīte and her doctoral students, this Lielmežģis was
carried out by the team of volunteers of 'Riga 2014' and their leader Ints Teterovskis,
by-passers and enthusiasts of Latvian language cheered by the well-known talk-man
Ansis Bogustovs.

Words such as leggings, trolleybus, Facebook and many more found
their synonymously rich Latvian equivalents, in this game, reaching into
uncharted realms of language, the few examples of which in English would
be ‘trouserels,’ ‘stretchers,’ ‘leggers,’ ‘ass-huggers’; ‘horn-holder,’ ‘cord-
runner’; ‘facer,’ ‘muzzle-eye’ and many more.

Good ideas need development! Therefore do not hesitate to e-mail your ideas on
which foreign borrowings into Latvian need Latvian versions and what they should be
to: lielmezgis@riga2014.org



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