Filming of s3D cinematic sci-fi project ‘Riga – six versions’

Filming of s3D cinematic sci-fi project ‘Riga – six versions’
Viesturs Grazdanovičs
02-05-2013 A+ A-
A filming in test run regime of the stereoscopic 3D sci-fi film about future Riga to be created by six local and foreign filmmakers proceeded last week-end in the capital of Latvia. The premiere of the film is planned for the end of 2014.

Test filming in Riga with motorized RIG and RED cameras brought together around
thirty film art professionals, who, coordinated by cinematographers, stereographs and
two project directors Kārlis Vītols and Pēteris Rozītis (Latvia), carried out filming of
frames of varying complexity.

‘This is the technology, in which such major blockbusters as ‘Avatar’
and ‘Hobbit: Unexpected Journey’ were created.’

The filming crew was joined by Yoanna and Vladek Popinsky representing the Polish
foundation ‘3D Image’, which is the only producer of 3D equipment in Poland and
can talk of extensive experience of participation in s3D projects of different scale all
around the world.

Photo: Māris Pilāts
Stereoscopic technology affords spatial dimension to films, producing maximally
realistic three-plane visual image of the story. Thus, the film screen presents a view
reminiscent of normal human perception, and the fable of the film turns into a lived

‘Project ‘Riga – six versions’ is a science fiction film in stereoscopic 3D format in
six parts.’

The European producing team of ‘Riga – six versions’ includes directors from
Latvia Kārlis Vītols and Pēteris Rozītis, Jacob Arevarn (Sweden), Yoanna Popinska
(Poland), Marc Alberti (Spain) and Adina Istrate (England).

The events of the film take place in near or more distant future in Riga, and the
characters of the film engage in time-travel to find their early love; steal dreams from
children in order to be successful in advertising business; robots replace human beings
in this tale; drugs simulating perfect reality are created, underground activists fight the
domination of SpEnglish language, and undetermined objects land on Earth sent from

‘Riga – six versions’ is a project of the year of European Capital of Culture.


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