Live Stream From “Esplanade 2014”

Live Stream From “Esplanade 2014”
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Street art festival “Blank Canvas” continues on Wednesday, the 14th of May, featuring a number of events. An urban alphabet workshop at the culture chalet starts at 10 a.m., and a series of lectures will begin at 1 p.m., closing with a discussion about street art in Latvia. The lectures and discussions are broadcast live on our portal.

The series of lectures is targeted at youth who are interested in street art, as well as at professionals in art, architecture and urbanism – areas closely associated with street art, and at municipal officials.


1 p.m. – Talk by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad

Tobias Barenthin Lindblad is a street art theoretician from Sweden. He has been following graffiti culture, as a practitioner and an observer, since mid-1980s. His portfolio includes works for the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, Stockholm and Uppsala Universities, the City of Gothenburg, the Swedish parliament, Sweden’s Royal Dramatic Theatre and other institutions. Tobias in an active publisher, writer and debater. He reads lectures on street art, graffiti, advertisements, urban planning and the right to public space. He has a degree in ethnology, media and communication studies, and German language from the Stockholm University.

2 p.m. – Talk by Barbara Sroka, a representative of Gdansk Street Art Quarter

3 p.m. – Talk by Evelīna Ozola

Evelīna Ozola, an architect and urbanist, has studied at the Riga Technical University and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. She is passionate about the meaning, form and function of public space. Her design projects, although dealing with serious problems, are noteworthy for their playfulness and vibrant colours.

4 p.m. – Discussion moderated by the festival’s curator Edgars Zvirgzdiņš.

The curator of the festival has invited artists who have already earned critical acclaim or are becoming increasingly popular in the world to participate in the festival, artists who are known for innovative street art techniques or new approach to the process and message of street art. Therefore the festival brings you the very latest in street art, which is what the artists’ presentations and discussions will be about.



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