‘The Courtyard Movement’ gains momentum

‘The Courtyard Movement’ gains momentum
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On April 27 this year, on Big Cleanup Day, the courtyards of several large apartment buildings in varying districts of Riga saw significant transformations happen. The inhabitants of these houses hand in hand with landscape architects and students implemented improvements of their courtyards making them more colorful, functional and jovial.

The sense of satisfaction and inspiring stories these feats give to tell serve to urge other localities in Riga to prepare for 2014, when the city will be European Capital of Culture.

‘The Courtyard Movement” is part of 'Riga 2014' program operated by The Big Cleanup function aimed at encouraging involvement of people in improving of their living environment. This Movement grew out of intention to help the citizens of Riga to develop communication and collaboration platforms for tidying and improvement of their nearest environment.

The Courtyard Movement has been active already for several years, and every community of Riga’s apartment buildings is invited to get involved

The main criteria is initiative of inhabitants and readiness to partake energetically in the planning and implementation of transformations. Groups and people can enter their courtyards for participation in autumn in order to use to winter to prepare in the best possible way and to put the envisioned changes in place during the next Big Cleanup.’

Three courtyards – environments around Valdeķu street 15 in Ziepniekkalns, S. Eizenšteina street 63 in Mežciems and Balvu street 9 in Moscow outskirt have been redesigned this year.

More information about the project in www.talkas.lv.



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