Premiere of Krists Auznieks’ Chamber Opera “The Wind of the Sun”

Premiere of Krists Auznieks’ Chamber Opera “The Wind of the Sun”
Publicity photo . Vocal ensemble “Framest” will also participate in the premiere of the chamber opera “The Wind of the Sun”
The Riga Festival presents composer Krists Auznieks’ chamber opera “The Wind of the Sun”, a musical story about an encounter at the airport that will have its world premiere at the Spīķeri Concert Hall on the 6th of June. Performing in the concert will be the vocal group “Framest” and an instrumental ensemble conducted by Mārtiņš Klišāns. The concert is part of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

The instrumental part will be performed by clarinettist Mārtiņš Circenis, accordionist Artūrs Noviks, double bassist Jānis Stafeckis, and percussionist Ivo Krūskops.

The libretto for the chamber opera “The Wind of the Sun” has been written by Inga Ābele and Edvīns Raups, the performance’s director is Zane Kreicberga. The libretto is based on an encounter at the airport: “We get to the airport where everything has stopped due to the Wind of the Sun. For a moment a space is offered where one can find or lose his or her identity, ponder on the origination of consciousness, on how a wave changes into a particle, power – into matter, and how light breaks out of darkness. Airport as a present-day sanctuary. Time where a minute can become both an hour and a second. And a human calls out as if expelled from time: “Do you hear me, I’m being called! Good bye, may God be with you! Yours or mine? He is said to be one. Love.”

Krists Auznieks, who currently studies in the Netherlands, became known to a wider audience last November with his opus “I Exist as I am”, composed for the Latvian Radio Choir. The composition went on to be nominated for the Latvian Classical Music Radio’s debut of the year award. Before going to the Netherlands, Krists was a student in Riga Dom Choir School, Jazz Department, and at the same time at the Riga State Gymnasium No. 1. Krists’ musical interests lie in the realm of voice and text. Thanks to the environment rich in vocal tradition, the music he composes breathes and sings.

Krists Auznieks studies composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with teachers Peter Adriaansz and Guus Janssen, he also attends lectures at the Institute of Sonology. Modality and experiments with modality, from intellectual jazz combo compositions (for example, “Renunciation”, which was performed at the young composers’ festival “Gaudeamus”) and instrumental chamber music opuses to conceptual compositions and works that also comprise electronic music and theatrical elements, play an important part in music by Auznieks. Krists has attended master classes taught by Philip Glass, Christian Wolff, Kaija Saariaho, Magnus Lindberg and other prominent composers.

The premiere of the chamber opera “The Wind of the Sun” is supported by the boutique “Piazza Italia”.

The Riga Festival is organised by the state concert agency “Latvijas Koncerti” and supported by the Riga City Council.


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