Cameras ready to click! 'iRIGA' calls to capture the moment

Cameras ready to click! 'iRIGA' calls to capture the moment
iRIGA, Zelma Brežinska
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Within a year, in May 2014, Riga will hold a major festival of photographic art ‘Riga Photo-month 2014’ expected to offer series of photo shows, seminars, lectures among other events. However, one of the most momentous activities – the street photo action 'iRIGA' – is in full sway already. It is a chance, for every photo enthusiast, to get involved and to get selected for participation in the large-scale photo show of Riga – European Capital of Culture.

‘In general, photographers are a lazy lot,’ author of the idea of 'iRIGA,' representative of the association ‘Riga Photo-month 2014’ photographer Arnis Balčus jokes, asked about the activity of the public so far. But, actually, the response has been energetic enough – more than 100 submissions are registered every month after new street photo project themes get to be announced. Amateur photographers and just everyman who has captured a good frame have demonstrated a greater interest than professionals for the time being.

‘Our people have photographed the faces in Riga – vivid characters in the crowd – and looked for new centers in the outskirts of town. The theme of this month was Collective rituals – major events for photography, of which – from the Nordea marathon to The Night of the Museums – there is no shortage in May, as Balčus underlines.’

‘The genre of street photography is no simple feat; not everyone can work in it, that is, ramble the town and notice a site or an atmosphere in spirit of the theme, and not so many of us know how to single out moments worth capturing in our everyday routes around town,’ Arnis Balčus expands.

The good news is that action 'iRIGA' welcomes participation with shots made by smart-phones as well. There is a significant part of such submissions accepted already. As Balčus informs, the technical quality of picture will not be the primary category of assessment in order for the cadre to arrive to collective exhibition of ‘Riga Photo-month’. The content, the mood, the situation saved for posterity will be more important and the graininess or mistiness of the frame will, possibly, only emphasize those aspects.

‘What matters most are emotions and moments revealing Riga from a new perspective,’ Arnis Balčus says in conversation with 'Riga 2014' emphasizing the town found outside the mainstays of tourism – the outskirts, the private housing districts and sites traditionally less noticed.  

It does not mean, of course, that Vecrīga or the center-town are forbidden as objects, but the aim of this action is to accumulate a possibly versatile visual history of this moment in time and this town, reaching into the places of Riga left out of postcards and tourist camera frames.  

As already reported, action 'iRIGA' will extend through entire year 2013. It is organized by the association ‘Riga Photo-month’ which invites everyone interested to photograph Riga according to themes announced every month in the media. The best of these submissions will be collected for the photo-show to be held in May 2014 as part of ‘Riga Photo-month’ program events.

‘We expect photographs treating the theme of the month to be entered for the competition until the last day of the month, adding them to „Flickr” group., specially created for this event.’

Photograph must be taken in 2013, and the image must be sent in maximum resolution. No more than 10 photographs can be entered to compete for every theme. More information on 'iRIGA' is found here.


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