The Mile of Culture to cut into Nordea Riga marathon

The Mile of Culture to cut into Nordea Riga marathon
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Nordea Riga marathon 2013 to be run on Sunday, May 19 will treat its 20 000 participants from more than 60 countries to a specially selected program of music, entertainment and culture. Inviting the support of cheerers and viewers, the center of Riga will be marked by a special ‘mile of music and culture.’

Spread across two stages, the Mile of Culture will entertain the runners and their supporters by programs offered by Latvian groups and musicians. The Main stage will be raised next to National theatre, while smaller one will find its place on the crossing of K. Valdemāra street and Kalpaka boulevard in front of Latvian Academy of Art. The program of the Mile of Culture will also feature musical numbers of several Latvian quires, brass orchestras, DJs and other artists, who will form their artistic ranks along the Basteja boulevard and part of the marathon distance on K. Valdemāra street, in the leg between National theatre and Elizabetes street.

Detailed cultural and musical program of Nordea Riga marathon will be published soon.  

‘Nordea Riga marathon 2014 will enter the program of European Capital of Culture when it will be introduced by 10 km long Freedom Run.’

Preparing the Freedom Run, in 2014, the organizers envisage to offer experience of Riga and culture of Latvia at the length of entire distance to the audience, creating sites and zones for cultural expression and performance. For athletes as well as citizens and guests of Riga, it will be a chance to perceive the capital – and Freedom street and therefore Latvia in particular – in new light.

‘Freedom Street’ is one of the thematic lines of Riga – European Capital of Culture program, but it will be more than just a story of a single street. Freedom street is a symbolic stage, a system of signs and a narrative of history.



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