‘In Search of the Horizon’ creative labs – for joy

‘In Search of the Horizon’ creative labs – for joy
Ieva Kulakova . Gundega Evelone, Jānis Filipovičs, Edgars Jurjāns
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On May 11, in Totaldobže art center found in the territory of VEF (former State Electrical Plant) five afternoon and evening hours from 16:00 to 21:00 PM will be dedicated to creative laboratory of joy, part of ‘In Search of the Horizon’ program, focusing artists Gundega Evelone, Jānis Filipovičs, Edgars Jurjāns, the organizers of the event informed cultural portal 'Riga 2014'.

The principle of this experiment is simple – artists enter the space of creative laboratory and produce their work in certain sequence, respecting and taking note of everything already existing in that space. The exposition prepared is open for viewing for a single day, and the audience is interviewed after the show in order to acquire a more precise overview and get answers to questions posed by artists and the curator. This idea, basically, is related to artist’s work with space, as it is precisely respect of the space, which determines the impact of art.

‘Besides, joy is largely connected to professional success in art’.

Participants of the experiment of joy are artists Gundega Evelone, Jānis Filipovičs un Edgars Jurjāns.

International exhibition of contemporary art ‘In Search of the Horizon’ is organized as part of 'Riga 2014' program ‘Desire of the Ocean.’ Curated by Iva Kulakova, the focus of the show is explorative nature of art related to the essence of art – the striving for the ideal and artist’s interest for the sites representing new crossing points.  

2012 and 2013 are years of ‘In Search of the Horizon’ creative laboratories, when concrete artistic ideas for the 2014 exhibition are tested and prepared.

‘Creative laboratory is platform for short-term artistic collaborations, established to stimulate closer interdisciplinary connections between artists and directions of art’.

The impact of art and appropriate mode of presentation of art are explored in this process. ‘Joy’ is already forth laboratory work of seven planned.

Creative laboratories are organized in curator Iva Kulakova’s collaboration with artists Laura Prikule and Kaspars Lielgalvis, taking turns in organization of each experiment.



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