Apply for the Power Jab! Art work for Riga’s schools

Apply for the Power Jab! Art work for Riga’s schools
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In 2014, several schools of Riga will participate in the project Power Jab, where recognized artists will produce art work created specifically for each of these centers of education.

The program of European Capital of Culture is created to leave lasting values and imprint on our lives, and project Power Jab is envisaged precisely in this spirit. This event will unite interests of art and education, bringing high quality, enduring and, preferably, interactive art work to schools.

‘Selection of schools and artists to take part in the project will be held this summer, which is why the schools ready for this experience are invited to apply already now.’

The project will be carefully detailed during the next school year together with artists, in order to create nine art works for Riga schools during the summer break of 2014 and open them on September 1, 2014, starting the next school year. The organizers of the project invite responsiveness from schools in the process of idea generation and in realization of technical requirements.

Singular artists will represent a wide international spectrum – Riga twin city Bremen, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Tallinn, Estonia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Sankt-Petersburg, Russia; Pori, Finland; Alborg, Denmark; Warsaw, Poland and Riga.

‘Thematically, artistic creativity will not be delimited, introducing as categories only the requirements of concrete environments and culturally and historically justified interests of participating schools, where all this art work will be kept as a property.’

Curator of the project is artist Inga Brūvere; e-mail for application and contact



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