Next in Kalnciema quarter

Next in Kalnciema quarter
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Kalnciema quarter expects more than just traditional Saturday arts and crafts fairs in next few weeks; its calendar of events also features evenings of traveler conversation and cultural storytelling, a lecture and exhibition.

On Thursday, May 9, at 19-00, journalist Sandijs Semjonovs will meet the audience of the evening in the guest hall of Wine shop to tell about his assignment work in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire, Kosovo and other countries.

Exhibition ‘Notes on Afghanistan’ will accompany this travel storytelling event created by Egīls Helmanis. The entrance fee is 3 lats.

As usual on Saturdays, this week, on May 11, Kalnciema quarter will hold the traditional arts and crafts fair, offering healthy food, handicrafts and artisan creations to shoppers.

The program of Kalnciema quarter will continue on May 13 with lecture ‘Anger’ at 19 o’ clock, presented by theologian and expert of addiction therapies Māris Ķirsons. He will treat such questions as ‘Is anger bad?’ ‘Am I more often angry with myself or with others?’ and ‘What do I gain by anger?’

Lecturer Māris Ķirsons grew up in Mississippi, lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto and Ottawa; has a degree in Theology and Pastoral Theology, which is equal to degree in psychology in Latvia. Now, having returned to Latvia, Māris Ķirsons actively shares his knowledge and experience.

Listeners are asked to pre-note their attendance by May 12 by email to . The attendance fee is 5 lats.

On May 15 at 19 o’ clock the cycle of conversations ‘Pārdaugava in stories’ will continue presented by architect and long-time inhabitant of Pārdaugava Pēteris Blūms.

Since Pēteris Blūms has a life-acquired store of architectural and cultural-historic knowledge, the organizers have decided to forward him Pārdaugava-related questions of public interest in advance.

Architect Pēteris Blūms will offer consultation and explanation of questions of history, architecture or restoration, related to Pārdaugava, sent in prior to the event and supplemented by photographs. Email address for proposal of questions, expected to arrive by evening of May 13, is

Notable personalities are invited to the series of conversations ‘Pārdaugava in stories’, who are main storytellers, who have lived in Pārdaugava at length and consider themselves ‘citizens of Pārdaugava’.’

The storytelling evenings are purposefully designed to pass through certain neighborhoods of Pārdaugava in the course of the talk, concentrating on particular and personal points of reference. Concrete sites – buildings, streets, parks, corners and courtyards are addressed and approached not from the academic points of view, but in light of personal retrospection. Subjective stories about Pārdaugava landscape are gathered, composed of images from personal archives of storytellers themselves or other sources, as well as historic maps, photographs, letters, and sound and other material.

Entrance fee is 3 lats; 1 lat – for students and pensioners.

As reported before, parallel to events held from Monday to Saturday, Kalnciema quarter offers personal show of Adriāna Vīgnere ‘Nothing and the searchers of the horizon,’ which will be open till May 22 and is free of charge.

Kalnciema quarter is found on the crossing of Kalnciema and Melnsila streets in Riga.



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