Latvian artists address survival strategies in Poland

Latvian artists address survival strategies in Poland
Valdis Celms, Kinetic Object, 1978.
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International festival of visual arts ‘Alternativa 2013: Till Tomorrow!’ featuring several artists from Latvia, will open in Gdansk on May 23. Thematically coinciding with annual festival ‘Survival Kit’ held by the LCCA to take place in Riga in September 5 to 15 this year, the main theme of this art event is technology of urban planning and survival strategies, representative of Latvian center for Contemporary Art (LCCA) Elza Zīda informed cultural portal 'Riga 2014.'

From Latvia, artists Ēriks Božis, Valdis Celms, Katrīna Neiburga  and Ginta Tinte-Vasermane are to participate in the art festival in Poland, while its curator teem will be joined by director of  Latvian Center for Contemporary Art (LCCA) Solvita Krese, who also oversees the thematic line 'Survival Kit' in 'Riga 2014' program. The festival gathers internationally re-known foreign artists, architects and filmmakers.

Curators of International festival of visual art ' Alternativa 2013: Till Tomorrow!' address a pressing issue - urban planning and its ideology and everyday tactics for living and surviving in this environment.

The city is never finished. Its creation must always go hand in hand with a futuristic approach - metropolis of our imagination, possibly, will not be the one we will live in reality. In urban planning, we consider all the factors - living, politics, recreation, exchange of in formation and social sites.


‘Alternativa’ is art exhibition organized Wyspa Institute of Art/Wyspa Progress Foundation in collaboration with administration of Gdansk, Ministry of Culture of Poland and other supporters.

This year, repeatedly, the exposition will find itself in Gdansk dockyard, drawing the attention, both, to the festival theme and problems of urban environment.

The team of festival curators includes artistic director Aneta Szylak, curator Solvita Krese, academic advisor Jacek Friedrich, curator and main producer Maks Bochenek,  and curator of educational program Hubert Bilewicz.


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