Museum of Fateful Objects on Museum Night

Museum of Fateful Objects on Museum Night
Artis Rutks
13-05-2013 A+ A-
For the Museum Night on Saturday, May 18, an event held from 18:00 to 21:00 on Esplanade will invite audience to learn more about a unique new cultural institution Museum of Fateful Objects, created for the year of European Capital of Culture by inhabitants of Riga.

On May 18, Esplanade will open an improvised lounge to offer a view of the acquisitions and to invite people to meet the creative team of the Museum as well as propose stories or objects, which could serve as its exhibits in person.

"We invite everyone in Riga to offer meaningful objects, maybe even fate-turning objects, for Museum differently telling the cultural history of our nation.

We accept everything as it is not exposition of the organizers, but a museum created by people’s Riga itself,’ says the head of the project Museum of Fateful Objects Ilona Brūvere.

Owner of an exhibit can offer an object for the Museum and receive a certificate confirming the fact of consignment, which guarantees its return.

The Museum has collected about 300 stories so far; for example, one of its acquisitions is bicycle, which served its owner to travel around Latvia in 1930s; there are also such things as the flag of Latvia, salvaged in process of escaping its occupation in WWII, and an earring, which has helped a young philosopher to find his spouse.

„Museum of Fateful Objects is one of European Capital of Culture program events, which will address history through culture. It is planned that, in 2014, Museum of Fateful Objects will form part of exposition in Corner House or SSC (KGB).

This will be already ninth Museum Night in Latvia, and 130 museums and other collaborative partners – libraries, theatres and places of worship – will open for public in night hours on this date. The slogan of this event is ‘Green is for the forest’, while, in 2014, when Riga will be European Capital of Culture, it will be ‘Red is for amber,’ to honor amber as symbol and keynote of national culture.



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