The Third Awards Ceremony at the World Choir Games

The Third Awards Ceremony at the World Choir Games
Kaspars Garda, Riga2014 . Vocal ensemble “Anima Solla” members honoured at the World Choir Games’ awards ceremony
The third World Choir Games’ awards ceremony was held at the “Arena Riga” on the night of the 18th of July, where two more Latvian choirs won the Champion’s title. In total, Latvian choirs have won 43 medals so far.

During the official ceremony, Children’s Choir from the Jelgava High School No. 4, conducted by Arta Jurgenovska and Ingus Leilands, won the title of the Champion of the 2014 World Choir Games in the Children’s Choir category, whereas “Anima Solla”, conducted by Mārīte Putniņa, were crowned Champions in the Female Choirs category.

Latvian choirs were presented ten medals altogether during the third awards ceremony – eight gold and two silver medals. The unique German-Latvian collaboration “Anima Delicta”, a combined choir of the Latvian women’s choir “Anima Solla” and German men’s choir “Delication”, won a gold medal in the Musica Sacra a cappella category.

World Choir Games Champions

* Mixed Vocal Ensembles: “Ars Nova Vocal Ensemble”, Hungary
No Latvian choirs competed in this category

* Children’s Choirs: the Children’s Choir of the Jelgava High School No. 4, Latvija

* Female Vocal Ensembles: “Anima Solla”, Latvia

* Female Chamber Choirs: “Philomela”, Finland

Of Latvian choirs, the gold medal winners are the Liepāja University women’s choir “Atbalss” (conductor Ilze Valce) and chamber choir “Tonika” (conductor Inga Cimiņa)

* Male Vocal Ensembles: “Vokalensemble Hohes C”, Austria
No Latvian choirs competed in this category

* Musica Sacra a cappella: “Ateneo Chamber Singers”, Philippines

Of Latvian choirs, the gold medal winners are the Women’s Choir of the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (conductor Līga Celma-Kursiete), Riga Orthodox choir “Blagovest” (conductor Aleksandrs Brandavs), mixed choir “Anima Delicta” (Germany-Latvia, conductors Matthias Schmitt and Mārīte Puriņa), chamber choir “Austrums” (conductor Ārijs Šķepasts)

The mixed choir “Burtnieks” (conductor Egils Lipšāns) won a silver medal

* Music of Spirit and Faith: “Guangdong Experimental High School Choir”, China

The Latvian mixed chamber choir “Matejs” (conductors Rudīte Tālberga and Māris Dravnieks) won a silver medal

* Jazz: “Dekoor Close Harmony”, the Netherlands
No Latvian choirs competed in this category

* Gospel: “Mazmur Chorale”, Indonesia

Of Latvian choirs, the Riga Gospel Choir (conductor Jānis Maslovskis) won a gold medal

Latvian choirs also fared remarkably well in the Open Competition, winning a total of ten diplomas at the third awards ceremony. The Golden Diplomas went to the women’s choir “Balgale” (conductors Dina Bičule and Gunita Pauliņa), Ķekava Culture Centre women’s choir “Daugaviete” (conductors Rita Platpere and Linda Matveja), Talsi Culture Centre women’s choir “Vaiva” (conductor Nora Vītiņa), mixed choir “Skaņupe” (conductor Ēriks Kravalis), Riga Jesus Church Choir (conductor Austra Ošleja), “GG Choir” (conductor Elīna Žagare).

The Riga Jesus Church Choir also placed first in the Musica Sacra a cappella category, and “GG Choir” – in the Gospel category of the Open Competition.

The Silver Diploma winners: the University of Latvia women’s choir “Latve” (conductor Ilze Feldmane), choir “Varavīksne” (conductor Ivars Krauze).

The Bronze Diploma winners were the Choir of the Riga Primary School No. 25 (conductor Sanita Blīve), Riga Lithuanian School choir “Pumpuriukai” (conductor Ieva Stūrīte).

As reported, during the first part of the World Choir Games, “Gaudeamus” won the Champion’s title in the Male Choirs category, whereas the Emilis Melngailis Liepāja Music High School Girls’ Choir triumphed in the Youth Choirs of Equal Voices category.

The last awards ceremony of the World Choir Games is held at the “Arena Riga” on Saturday, the 19th of July. The champions of the World Choir Games Part II will participate in the Champions Concert at the Riga Congress Centre and the Great Hall of the University of Latvia at 3 p.m.

For more information, visit the website of the World Choir Games and the website of “Interkultur”.

The World Choir Games is the largest choir music festival in the world, which this year brings 460 choirs from 73 countries on five continents, or a total of 27,000 choir singers, to Riga. The idea of the World Choir Games is to bring people together through singing in peaceful competition. For ten days, from the 9th to the 19th of July, competitions in 29 categories are held in Riga concert halls and parks, as well as master classes and seminars, special concerts and friendship concerts, the Parade of Nations and much, much more.

The World Choir Games are hosted biennially since 2000. The Games in Riga are organised by the “Riga 2014” foundation in co-operation with the German cultural organisation “Interkultur”.


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