World Choir Games Champions Honoured in Last Five Categories

World Choir Games Champions Honoured in Last Five Categories
Kaspars Garda, Riga2014
On Saturday, the 19th of July, the five last Champions of the 2014 World Choir Games were honoured in five categories in an award ceremony at the “Arena Riga”: Mixed Chamber Choirs, Male Chamber Choirs, Musica Contemporanea, Popular Choral Music, and Folklore. Two Latvian choirs won the World Choir Games Champion’s title: Emīls Dārziņš Mixed Choir (conductor Artūrs Ancāns) in the Musica Contemporanea category and youth choir “Maska” (conductor Jānis Ozols) in the Folklore category.

In total, Latvian choirs participating in the World Choir Games have won six Champion’s titles and 54 medals, including 29 gold and 25 silver medals. In the Open Competition, Latvian choirs took 30 gold, 19 silver and three bronze diplomas, furthermore, five choirs were victorious in their respective categories.

The Champions of the World Choir Games, the 4th awards ceremony:

* Mixed Chamber Choirs: “Niños Cantores de la Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil y Camerata Larense” (Venezuela)

Latvian choirs: chamber choir “Austrums” (conductor Ārijs Šķepasts) wins the gold medal, silver medals for the Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir “Blagovest” (conductor Aleksandrs Brandavs) and mixed choir “Sonore” (conductor Andis Groza)

* Male Chamber Choirs: “The Orthodox Male Choir Armonia” (Romania)

Latvian choirs: silver medal for the choir “Forte” (conductor Jevgeņijs Ustinskovs)

* Musica Contemporanea: Emīls Dārziņš Mixed Choir, Latvia (conductor Artūrs Ancāns)

Gold medal: mixed choir “Pa Saulei” (conductors Jānis Ozols and Margarita Dudčaka); silver medal: Riga Chamber Choir (conductor Gunta Malevica)

* Popular Choral Music: “Dekoor Close Harmony” (the Netherlands)
No Latvian choirs competed in this category

* Folklore: youth chamber choir “Maska” (Latvia, conductor – Jānis Ozols)

Gold medals: girls’ choir “Spīgo” (conductor Līga Celma-Kursiete), Emīls Dārziņš Mixed Choir (conductor Artūrs Ancāns); silver medal: women’s choir “Venda” (conductors Anitra Niedre and Rudīte Tālberga)

During the last awards ceremony, also honoured were twenty Latvian choirs that had participated in the Open Competition, winning eleven Golden Diplomas, eight Silver and one Bronze Diploma.

Golden Diplomas: mixed choir “Anima” (conductor Ivars Krauze), mixed choir “Muklājs” (conductor Jānis Kokins), mixed choir “Dzīne” (conductor Aivars Gailis), mixed choir “Imera” (conductor Imants Točs), mixed choir “Vivere” (conductor Gints Ceplenieks), women’s choir “Delta” (conductor Inta Eizenberga-Cērmane), vocal ensemble “Cantabile” (conductor Toms Kazimirisaņecs), mixed choir “Ogre” (conductor Jānis Zirnis), Carnikava chamber choir “Vēja balss” (conductor Jurģis Cābulis), Ķekava mixed choir “Mozaīka” (conductors Rūdolfs Bērtiņš and Margarita Dudčaka), mixed choir “Mežotne” (conductor Mārīte Jonkus)

Silver Diplomas: mixed choir “Monēta” (conductor Ilze Feldmane), mixed chamber choir “Dziesma” (conductors Uģis Reķis and Sanita Šeflere), youth chamber choir “Salve” (conductor Baiba Ozolina), mixed choir “Intro” (conductor Jolanta Zemblicka), senior choir “eReLBe” (conductor Zaiga Lazdiņa), mixed choir “Medera” (conductors Gunta Vāvere and Pāvels Veličko), male vocal ensemble “Stende” (conductor Armands Ulmanis), Valmiera men’s choir “Imanta” (conductor Ilze Krūmiņa)

Bronze Diploma: Limbaži men’s choir “Ziedonis” (conductor Krišs Pozemkovskis)

Also, mixed choir “Ogre” was titled the winner in the Folklore category, and the Riga Technical University’s mixed choir “Vivere” – the winner in the Musica Contemporanea category in the Open Competition.

Overall, Latvian choirs placed first in five categories of the Open Competition:

- Mixed Choirs: Rēzekne Region mixed choir “Ezerzeme” (conductor Ēriks Čudars)
- Musica Sacra a cappella: Riga Jesus Church Choir (conductor Austra Ošleja)
- Musica Contemporanea: Riga Technical University’s mixed choir “Vivere” (conductor Gints Ceplenieks)
- Gospel: “GG Choir” (conductor Elīna Zāģere)
- Folklore: mixed choir “Ogre” (conductor Jānis Zirnis)

The World Choir Games in Riga are organised by the “Riga 2014” foundation in co-operation with the German cultural organisation “Interkultur”.

For more information, visit the website of the World Choir Games  and the “Interkultur” website.


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