“Ad Lucem”: Night Concert by Cellist Matthew Barley

“Ad Lucem”: Night Concert by Cellist Matthew Barley
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Festival “Ad Lucem” presents a night-time concert by the world-famous cellist Matthew Barley at the culture centre “Ziemeļblāzma” on Saturday, the 2nd of August. The concert is part of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

The “Night Meditation” concert is a very special tradition of “Ad Lucem” that was started by the outstanding British cellist Matthew Barley in the summer of 2010 – an unforgettable musical experience eight hors long.

From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the audience in the concert hall of the “Ziemeļblāzma” culture centre will be immersed in the sonorous world of acoustic and electric cellos.

Matthew Barley will be performing compositions and improvisations from Bach to contemporary music for listeners in the concert hall lying on blankets, pillows or chairs. You can fall asleep, wake up and find yourself in a new, out of the ordinary dimension of perception.

Listeners are advised to take a mat and sleeping bag or blanket with them. Tickets to the “Ad Lucem” concert “Night Meditation” are available from “Biļešu serviss” outlets and online shop.

Matthew Barley has been participating in the “Ad Lucem” festival for several years now, always to rapturous acclaim. He has performed solo and together with the “Kremerata Baltica” orchestra and pianist Anton Lyakhovsky, but his night-time concerts have been the most popular with the festival-goers.

“The World’s most adventurous cellist!”, “An indescribable performance!!”, “Shocking Cello!” – these are just some of the headlines accompanying Mathew Barley in his creative journey around the world. The musician stands out with his unique flair – his daring to get out-of-the-box – enabled by his virtuoso ability, amazing improvisational skill, and his openness to various experimentations and other cultures on top of a genuine understanding of the way of things.

Mathew Barley is one of the stars of his generation of cellists – he has appeared in more than 50 countries with solo recital programs as well as solo concerto performances with some of the world’s best orchestras.

The outstanding cellist is equally comfortable in performing Bach compositions and improvising, as well as collaborating with traditional instrumentalists from Japan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, many parts of Africa, Colombia, Hawaii, and with rappers, jazzers, DJ’s, pop musicians, and with the UK beat-boxing champion, Faith SFX. Matthew Barley also teaches improvisation to musicians from the best orchestras of the world.

The concert “Night Meditation” is part of the “Riga 2014” Programme’s thematic line “Thirst for the Ocean”.

The European Capital of Culture Programme of Riga is prepared and run by the foundation “Riga 2014” in collaboration with state, municipal and non-governmental cultural organisations and creative associations. The Programme is financed by the Riga City Council, Ministry of Culture and the European Commission, and offered to the public in partnership with “Lattelecom”, which also provides technical support for the Programme.


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