“RE RE Riga!” Brings Amazing Street Theatre Performances to Riga

“RE RE Riga!” Brings Amazing Street Theatre Performances to Riga
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The international street art world music festival “RE RE Riga!”, part of the “Riga 2014” Programme, will offer a number of amazing street shows to Riga residents and guests of the city. The performances will take place at the Laima Clock and at the intersection of Kaļķu Street and Vaļņu Street in Riga’s Old Town.

On Thursday, the 7th of August, pancake master Bram Graafland from the Netherlands will meet the public in the spectacular show “The Yelling Kitchen Prince”. Bram’s show at the “RE RE Riga!” festival last year was a complete success, therefore the unusual show, in which the artist performs at a keyboard with a kitchen built around it, is something that the Riga public is looking forward to.
A video from the show is below:

Another Dutch comedy act, “Compagnie Mobil” brings the slapstick romantic spectacle “Sulky M1” to Riga on the 8th and 9th of August. Aat Dirks is not the kind of guy who’s afraid of getting his hands dirty. His moustache and a provincial accent would have been the envy of Monthy Python fans everywhere. He has often been used in successful therapeutic treatments for the depressed ones, who after short exposure to his personality return home skipping and reinvigorated into the arms of their cheering and clapping loved ones.

However, the largest performance – in terms of scale and the number of performers – will be a collaboration between the Norwegian group “Cirka Teater” and the Latvian youth brass band “Auseklītis”. “Musika Mobile”, with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme “Culture and Art”, is the story about a travelling circus and its director, Moldon. His pride and joy is “Musika Mobile”, a gigantic music box on wheels. The trouble starts when the music machine crashes into a peaceful band concert. The spectacular show evolves around opposites. Between the shabby theatre troupe and an orderly, polished band, between man and machine, between noise and music, and what to do when the road to harmony seems impossible.











Watch a video trailer below:

“RE RE Riga!” is the largest international street art and world music event in the Baltics. The festival’s programme includes performances in a variety of arts – new circus, music, dance, street theatre and others. The second edition of the “RE RE Riga!” festival will continue from the 6th to the 9th of August 2014, bringing together more than sixty artists from twelve countries. The festival is part of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

For more information and the programme of the festival, visit the “RE RE Riga!” website.


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