“Summertime” Organisers Call for a Joint Prayer for the Baltic Sea

“Summertime” Organisers Call for a Joint Prayer for the Baltic Sea
Kaspars Garda, Riga 2014
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The festival “Summertime. Inese Galante & Friends”, which marks its tenth anniversary this year, will open with the multimedia project “Requiem – A Prayer for the Baltic Sea” at the Dzintari Concert Hall on the 11th of August. The organisers of the festival held a press conference on Monday afternoon to tell more about the project.

“I have spent a large part of my life in Jūrmala – both in the concert hall and at the beach – and it’s the best time in my life. Human’s effect on the sea is obvious. We have caused irreversible damage to nature, something that we cannot change anymore. To me as an artist, this project offers the opportunity to urge every friend and supporter I have to resolve to change their habits that are damaging to the environment,” said the festival’s patroness, soprano Inese Galante, adding that artists who would participate in the 11th of August concert would pray for the Baltic Sea and its future, wishing it to be as timeless as Mozart’s “Requiem”.

“As a mother and – for two weeks now – a grandmother I am deeply concerned about preserving the Baltic Sea for posterity,” said Inese Galante. If we take time to clean up our apartment or house, we should also care for our nature, so in the course of time Latvia could be called the most beautiful and greenest country in the world.

“We must do something to stop the pollution of the sea, and that is why, my friends from all over the world and from Latvia, let’s join hands and try to “infect” our listeners with this idea, the idea that something must be done. This is how the anniversary festival will be different from the previous ones, in trying to prompt the audience to think about it.”

“We want the project, which will run with the slogan “Made in Latvia”, to resound across Europe and the world, and be associated only with positive and beautiful emotions,” added Inese Galante’s daughter and the Inese Galante Foundation’s Director, Diāna Galante. The 11th of August concert is being organised by an excellent team of professionals, including stage director Uģis Brikmanis and film director Sandijs Semjonovs, who has shot a film about the death and rebirth of the Baltic Sea that will be screened during the festival, added Diāna Galante.

The “Riga 2014” Head of Programming Aiva Rozenberga emphasised that she was very pleased at the co-operation with the Inese Galante Foundation and the authors of the idea. “We light a candle when we’re praying. The question is whether it makes anything better for the Baltic Sea, where we were bathing today or yesterday, or whether it means something to ourselves,” said Rozenberga. She demonstrated what the polluted sea looked like, inquiring if people liked it that way, whether they would allow their children to bath in the sea and take pride in the sea.

“I was truly happy when the “Riga 2014” foundation was submitted the idea, proposed by the Inese Galante Foundation and Vita Jaunzeme, the head of the “Pēdas” project, because it is about something much larger – I believe that we have to pray for ourselves, our minds and souls, for coming to our senses. Because that is when the sea will feel better. I know that Inese Galante’s voice has a healing power, and therefore I hope very much that, when “Requiem” is performed, your voice will speak to people’s minds, and we will be able to join hands, combining art, culture and voice with science and the environment we are in,” said Aiva Rozenberga. “Thus I am really happy that we are bringing this story to the world, and that the world admires us for what we are doing regarding the environment, although we ourselves sometimes think that it is not enough,” she added, emphasising that the concert was meant to change the way people think, from those who run the country to every single individual’s daily habits. “Let’s pray for the Baltic Sea, for us, our mind, heart and soul, and our health, too, which is a mirror image of the Baltic Sea.”

The full programme of the festival “Summertime. Inese Galante & Friends” is available at the website of the festival.

The organisers of “Summertime” also said that there were changes in the festival’s programme – the popular Serbian musician Goran Bregovic and his Weddings and Funerals Orchestra would perform in Dzintari on the 15th of August instead of Katia and Marielle Labèque.

Tickets to the festival’s concerts are available from “Biļešu paradīze” outlets and online.


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