Celebrated Musicians Meet at the “Years of Pilgrimage” Concert

Celebrated Musicians Meet at the “Years of Pilgrimage” Concert
Kaspars Garda, Riga2014 . Press conference for the festival “Artissimo”
“Years of Pilgrimage”, the gala concert of the “Artissimo” festival that is organised by the Herman Braun Foundation, will be at the Dzintari Concert Hall at 7 p.m. on the 8th of August. The concert is part of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

Inna Davidova, the Director of the Herman Braun Foundation, told a press conference in Jūrmala City Museum on Wednesday that the concert “Years of Pilgrimage” would emphasise the role of Riga and Latvia as a crossroads in Europe. “This is a place where some of the greatest personalities have met – thinkers, composers, singers. The project has been inspired by Franz Liszt’s series “Years of Pilgrimage”, and symbolises a geographical journey as well as a journey into the spiritual world. And Jūrmala, the host of the festival, is a place of major importance for all the participants in the concert – to some, it is their native city, while many others have spent their childhood here.”

Explaining the idea behind the “Years of Pilgrimage”, Inna Davidova went on to say: “It is not only because of all these artists who we invited to participate in the gala concert and who, literally, travel all the time. We, the organisers of the festival, and the artists are on a never-ending spiritual journey where art itself is a journey of discovery.”

It is very remarkable that Riga, as the European Capital of Culture, has been able to bring these outstanding artists together on a joint musical pilgrimage, stressed Diāna Čivle, the Head of the “Riga 2014” foundation. “We all speak one language, the language of music, in which we can tell a lot of things each other and show our love for someone – not only a person but also cities where we were born or live. That’s the most important part, and that’s the reason why such joint projects are organised. I therefore thank Inna Davidova for the first concert series “Urbi at Orbi” we organised many years ago, which has, for all these years, featured outstanding musicians.”



A day before that, on the 7th of August, another concert of the festival, chamber music night “Years of Pilgrimage”, will be at the Small Hall of the Jūrmala City Museum. Participants: the talented pianist Andrey Osokin, magnificent Latvian bass-baritone Egils Siliņš and pianist Inna Davidova. “This concert will be special for the fact that composer Arturs Maskats’ composition “Kazbegi, Tsminda Sameba” will have its world premiere,” pianist Andrey Osokin said during the press conference. The concert is also part of the “Urbi at Orbi” concert series.


Participants in the concert: Inga Kalna (soprano), Egīls Siliņš (bass), Elīna Bukša (violin), Mischa Maisky (cello), Ramon Jaffé (cello), Ksenija Sidorova (accordion), Jānis Bombizo-Fedotovs (vibraphone) and Daniils Bulajevs (violin), chamber orchestra “Kremerata Baltica” and Latvian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ainārs Rubiķis, who is also the Chief Conductor of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre and a winner of Russia’s “Golden Mask” award.

The concert “Years of Pilgrimage” will be made up of three parts, each showcasing unforgettable performances reminiscent of travels and visits to faraway countries: Latin American rhythms, pleasant strolls in Italy, an evening in New York, an early morning in Riga… The programme of the concert includes compositions by Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, Camille Saint-Saëns, Jose Bragato, Arturs Maskats, Max Bruch, George Gerswhin and others.


Tickets to the concert “Years of Pilgrimage” are available from “Biļešu serviss” outlets and online shop.

For more information about the festival “Artissimo”, visit the website of the Herman Braun Foundation.

The European Capital of Culture Programme of Riga is prepared and run by the foundation “Riga 2014” in collaboration with state, municipal and non-governmental cultural organisations and creative associations. The Programme is financed by the Riga City Council, Ministry of Culture and the European Commission, and offered to the public in partnership with “Lattelecom”, which also provides technical support for the Programme.


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