Join the team of Nordea marathon volunteers!

Join the team of Nordea marathon volunteers!
Kaspars Garda, Riga 2014
16-05-2013 A+ A-
Organizers of Nordea Riga marathon invite to apply volunteers in order to form the assistant team of the event, collaborating with volunteer program of 'Riga 2014.'

Several hundreds of volunteers will be active in the annual Nordea Riga marathon this year, providing invaluable support to this major sports function.

The organizers will be glad to see all our helpers who will join the Nordea Riga marathon team repeatedly. Meanwhile, successful assistance to track referees would be impossible to organize without involvement of the students of Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy.

The volunteers will engage in organizational work from May 13 to May 19, helping to participants on track, creating the ambience of the event and caring for safety of every runner.  Volunteers, in turn, will gain the experience of participation in organization of large international sports activity.

Previous experience in volunteer work is not required. The minimum legal age to apply is 16 years, while for several positions the decreed minimum is 18 years. More information on application in terms of duties and provisions is found on Nordea marathon website.

The help of volunteers and society at large is particularly significant in order to ensure successful major public events. We continue our excellent cooperation with Nordea Riga marathon with the view on facilitating the function of international and positive event of this scale,’ the head of 'Riga 2014' volunteer program Ints Tetervoskis underlines.

‘Besides, certain responsibility will be lent to volunteers by the fact that Marathon 2013 will serve as a kind of a dress rehearsal for 2014 when Nordea Riga marathon and Freedom Run within it will be part of European Capital of Culture program,’ Ints Teterovskis tells.

Apply for volunteer work is European Capital of Culture portal 'Riga 2014,' division Become Involved! More information on what it involves is found on Nordea marathon website.

Marathons are held in Riga since 1991, gathering, in 2012, 18 180 participants from 59 countries. Nordea Riga marathon has received the prestigious Bronze Label of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the title of Riga Sports event of the year – 2012.



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