James Morrison and Latvian Radio Big Band in a Unique Music Project

James Morrison and Latvian Radio Big Band in a Unique Music Project
Publicity photo . James Morrison
The festival “Rīgas Ritmi” presents a unique international music project on the 28th of November – “Mare Balticum” featuring the Latvian Radio Big Band and the world-famous Australian trumpeter James Morrison, according to “Rīgas Ritmi” representative Lelde Zaķe.

The project focuses on Latvian traditional folklore, it will have its premiere at the Riga Congress Centre on the 28th of November as part of the “Riga 2014” Programme. The programme of the concert includes about a dozen unique compositions that the Latvian Radio Big Band will perform together with the Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison, who is the arranger of the compositions. James Morrison has already visited Latvia once, during the 2006 “Rīgas Ritmi” festival, and is happy to return to Latvia with a new programme.

James Morrison is a great Australian, a wonderful story teller, a fantastic musician, a good man – all together, a class act. A great adventurer, James Morrison really lives life to the full – a role model for the rest of us in many positive ways! James Morrison plays a variety of instruments, including the trombone, flugelhorn, saxophone, piano and double-bass, yet he is best known as a jazz trumpet player. He has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra and also performed special concerts for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. Presidents at Parliament House in Australia.  Morrison was recently appointed the Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival for the second time, as well as was inducted into one of the most prestigious Australian Halls of Fame –Graeme Bell Hall. In 2013, Morrison conducted the world’s biggest orchestra, consisting of 7,224 people.

“James Morrison is a musical phenomenon, of that there is not the slightest doubt. The heights that even the most talented of musicians work hard to achieve, he achieves through doing what comes naturally. To James Morrison, playing a musical instrument is as natural as walking and breathing, he just does it,” writes the portal britishtrombonesociety.

Watch a video here: 

Tickets to the concert are available from “Biļešu serviss” outlets and online shop.

For more information, visit the “Rīgas ritmi” website.


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