Creatively informative space ‘Esplanade 2014’ to re-open in 2013

Creatively informative space ‘Esplanade 2014’ to re-open in 2013
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Offering a sense of the year of European Capital of Culture, the open office of the foundation 'Riga 2014' will operate in the park of Esplanade – in the square in front of Rainis’ monument this summer again, created, in its modern form, by young architects of Latvia.

Informative space ‘Esplanade 2014’ will offer an expanded program of events, assisted by the technologies, granted by partner of 'Riga 2014' ‘Lattelecom.’ 'Riga 2014' open office will function from the second part of June till September.

‘The architectonic form of creatively informative space is authored by Latvian architect Austris Mailītis who has designed it to be maximally translucent.

‘Just like the park, the space will vibrate in the play of chiaroscuro, and the large squares of white fabric will lend the shadow in sunny days and serve as projection screens enabling creative expression,’ Austris Mailītis explains. ‘The construction of creatively informative space is made of scaffolding, which not only makes the space easy to modify and adapt for specific cultural activities, but is also symbolic – culture is alive as long as it is a process.’


The Council for preservation and development of the historic center of Riga approves this idea as modern and well conceived. In terms of architectonic and design-related expressive means, the spatial idea of the object will go hand in hand with the visual image of the city, planned for 2014 when part of cultural objects in Latvia will be encased by scaffolding, the head of the State Cultural Monuments Preservation authority Juris Dambis explains.

A new meeting point in the town center – ‘Esplanade 2014’ will be the space of creativity and inspire the public and many guests of Riga with modern architecture. In development of creatively informative space, foundation 'Riga 2014' was guided by understanding that Riga needs widening of the spectrum of qualitative cultural events as well as freely accessible space for conversation, which allows to view the city differently, and perceived the urgency of employing modern technologies in consumption of culture and interpersonal communication.

Creatively informative space will present 'Riga 2014' projects introducing the program to be followed and offer creative workshops and events in genres of theatre, film, dance, etc.

Sigulda and Umea (Sweden) will introduce several cultural activities to the public of Riga. The Castle of Light (“Gaimas pils”) reading room will be opened in the Esplanade structure offering selection of books and information on functions planned for the new library and the modern services to be offered to its visitors already in 2014.

Several accents of the cultural program were developed in collaboration with the partner of 'Riga 2014' ‘Lattelecom,’ which will provide free wi-fi and free access computers on Esplanade.

‘Esplanade 2014’ will offer programs in major cultural events of this summer such as town festival and Poetry Days. Everyone will be able to follow the Song and Dance festival on live transmission screens.

Riga discovered creatively informative space ‘Esplanade 2014’ already last year when, in a month, it was visited and its events – attended by more than 40 thousand guests.

The hosts of European Capital of Culture – 2014 wish to enliven Esplanade and turn it into the epicenter of events in 2014, a site of qualitative and dynamic cultural undertakings. Esplanade is planned to become the seat of information center of the year of European Capital of Culture.



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