The “Amber Vein” Expedition – Live Amber Stories

The “Amber Vein” Expedition – Live Amber Stories
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The “Amber Vein” Expedition – Live Amber Stories is dedicated to the excellence of amber and the amber route.

The general aim of the “Amber Vein” expeditions is to restore the historical memory of this trade, and research, confirm and present the role of the Baltic amber trade within the history of European culture, and to find new, modern ways of highlighting the amber route (in terms of covering the history of its cultural relationship, cultural tourism, and scientific and economic activity in the European context of the amber theme), while highlighting its scientific, social and educational aspects.

During August, a group of eight members travelled the route between Riga to Liepāja, while in Lithuania it was Palanga to Klaipēda, Juodkrante, and Nida, and in Russia it was Zelenograd to Kaliningrad, Zheleznodorzhny, Yantarny, and Svetlogorsk, and in Poland it was Stegna to Jantar, Gdansk, Sopot and finally back to Riga.

The group was lead on its nine-day journey by folklorist and linguist Janīna Kursīte, and the group also included archaeologist Juris Urtāns, cameraman Normunds Čirkste, Rēzekne University’s tutor Angelika Juško-Štekele, the University of Latvia’s Professor Sigma Ankrava, students Rūta Jirgensone and Lāsma Reinvalde and Head of Public Relations section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, the curator of the programme chapter “Amber Vein” is Vita Timermane-Moora.

The people met up and the information that had been collected during the first expedition showed that the mission statement for the “Live Amber Stories” expedition is the key to further expeditionary adventures by the Riga 2014 Foundation and the pursuit of the new Amber Route.

The results of the expedition will be released to the wider public this autumn, during the Riga 2014 Foundation conference on 16 November.

Photos from the expedition.


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