The changing face of Europe. Amber transformations

The changing face of Europe. Amber transformations
Anita Rožkalne
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Europe. Old? New? Tired? Dynamic? Conservative? Open? Creative? Fortress? Light-house? Culture. Potential.

Second Public forum of RIGA 2014, 16-17 November 2011, At the Palladium Concert Hall, Rīga, Latvia.

We are inviting you to a public forum searching for new definitions for the transformation of Europe and showing specific examples from the experience of different European cities and European culture capitals on how to change the quality of life, recognisability of cities and economy. Heads of municipalities, thinkers, culture experts, and representatives of European capitals of culture as well as all persons interested are welcome to the 2nd International Riga-2014 Forum.

Many thousand years ago the Amber Road was one of the most powerful trade roads of the world, linking the Baltic coast with the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Europe is still fighting for its place in the world. Europe is searching for a new golden vein. What is going to be its new weapon in competition? How will the culture and creative actions of cities change the face of Europe?

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