“The Amber Side” Becomes a Feature

“The Amber Side” Becomes a Feature
Uģis Olte . Gustavs Terzens and Marta Selecka
06-10-2014 Latviski A+ A-
The documentary film “Planet Amber” (“Planēta dzintars”), based on “The Amber Side” (“Dzintara pusē”) TV series that was aired by Latvian Television at the beginning of this year, will have its premiere at the “Splendid Palace” cinema on the 9th of October.

The film was shot by the Vides filmu studija (VFS) studio, director – Uģis Olte. The film is originally in Latvian, but during the premiere the English version of the film will be screened, with simultaneous translation in Latvian.

Read an interview with Marta Selecka and Gustavs Terzens here!

Just as the film series, “Planet Amber” follows two Latvian travellers, Gustavs Terzens and Marta Selecka, as they set out to dispel the belief that amber is an archaic cultural and historic relic, and create a modern identity for amber. Turns out, amber may be more valuable than gold, and today there are many areas where amber is irreplaceable. It is possible that the Baltic amber, or succinite, is the cornerstone of the civilisation on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.

Director Uģis Olte previously told the “Riga 2014” culture portal that the TV series and the film were about communication and taking a peak in somebody else’s mirror to find out more about self.

The making of “Planet Amber” was supported by the upcoming Latvian Presidency at the Council of the European Union, the film is part of the Public Diplomacy and Culture Programme of the EU Council Presidency. Whereas “The Amber Side” series was shot as part of the “Amber Vein” thematic line of the “Riga 2014” Programme.

The “Amber Vein” thematic line reveals the achievements in science and culture bearing the value of excellence and input of global measure. It is Riga and Latvia’s contribution to world culture and evolvement of human creative activity.

The film will be screened in the Small Hall of “Splendid Palace” on the 9th of October at 6 p.m. (premiere), and in the cinema’s New Hall at 3:30 p.m. on the 11th and 12th of October.

Tickets: EUR 3.50, tickets for schoolchildren, students and pensioners cost EUR 3.


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