Rimini Protokoll Brings “Situation Rooms” to Riga

Rimini Protokoll Brings “Situation Rooms” to Riga
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“Rimini Protokoll”, a team of author-directors from Berlin, will be visiting Riga in October with the performance “Situation Rooms” that the public will see as part of the “Riga 2014” contemporary theatre programme forte forte. The play will be performed at the Riga Film Studio, Šmerļa iela 3, daily from the 14th to 26th of October, with several performances every day.

“Situation Rooms” is a multi-layer video performance for twenty players that takes the viewers to twenty situation rooms, which tell the stories of twenty people whose lives are defined by weapons. These include an Israeli Army soldier, a surgeon from Médecins Sans Frontières, a Mexican drug cartel operative, a hacker, a child soldier from Congo, a Bundestag member, and others. The performance is unique not just because of the extraordinary tales of the characters, but also in the way it unfolds – the audience follows the players and their stories through I-pad screens and real time, becoming involved in events which reveal that our lives, too, may be part of the global war architecture. “Situation Rooms” is a multi-layer film, a close-up on 3D reality, offering audiences an experience only theatre can provide.  Bruce Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau has said after watching the performance: “I have seen the future of theatre and its name is Situation Rooms.”

“Situation Rooms” was awarded with the Children’s Choice Award from the Ruhrtriennale 2013 in the following categories: “Best of the Best” and “Most intense show that was so intense that I didn’t want to miss a second”. In addition, “Rimini Protokoll” received the Excellence Award of the 17th Japanese Media Arts Festival in Tokyo, and was ranked one of the ten greatest performances staged in Germany, Switzerland and Austria last season.

“Rimini Protokoll” is an association of three artists, characterised by love of life and people, their keen interest in the routine, and the enterprise to bring it to the stage. To this end, they use theatrical tools they themselves have invented and perfected, which make it possible to see reality as if through a magnifying glass, from a completely new and unexpected perspective, to arrive at new, valuable theatrical experience, as well as new understanding of the world. “Rimini Protokoll” create theatrical performances, readings, installations, multimedia, socio-political and research projects, always in collaboration with amateur actors, which has often been described as “documentary theatre”. 

The contemporary theatre programme forte forte, run by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, is a year-long series of performances by leading European theatre artists. The programme features artists popular worldwide for their signature style and performances that centre on the relationships between the individual and power, personality and masses, as well as ordinary members of society, set against the background of major historical events, yet within routine contexts. The programme opened in January with a week dedicated to Latvian stage director Alvis Hermanis, this past March the programme presented performances by Flemish artist Jan Lauwers and “Needcompany”, and it continues in the autumn with guest performances by “Rimini Protokoll” and the Flemish choreographer Alain Platel with company “les ballets C de la B”.

Tickets: EUR 15, available from “Biļešu paradīze” outlets and online shop.


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