Riga will hopefully host the World Choir Games 2014

Riga will hopefully host the World Choir Games 2014
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Invited by the Foundation Riga 2014, the organizers of the World Choir Olympics from the German cultural organization Interkultur paid a visit to Riga. The World Choir Olympics take place every two years in one of the cities, bringing together around 90 national choirs and 20,000 participants. Riga along with Cape Town and Bali are candidates for the chance to host the Choir Olympics 2014.

From 31st October to 4th November the World Choir Olympics organizations had meetings with Minister of Culture, Žanete Jaunzeme-Grende, Riga City Council Vice-President, Andris Ameriks; Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Committee chairman, Eiženija Aldermane; Cultural and Intangible Heritage Center director, Dace Melbārde; State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Andris Liepiņš;  Head of the Choral Conducting Department of the Latvian Academy of Music, Associate Professor. Romāns Vanags; and the Head of the Foundation Riga 2014, Diana Čivle.

During the visit, the delegation got acquainted with the planned venues and accommodation. Considering the event’s great impact on the tourism industry, the delegation also gave a presentation on the World Choir Olympics LiveRiga partners’ forum, which was held on 3rd November in the Splendid Palace. The delegation was led by the head of the organization Interkultur, Gunter Tiss.

Diāna Čivle admitted that the delegation is well aware of the high quality and long-term traditions of Latvian choir culture, but during this visit their aim was to make sure that the government and city of Riga are really interested in holding the World Choir Olympics 2014, as well as to ascertain the tourism industry’s capacity to integrate such a large number of visitors. “World Choir Olympics would be a very important, colorful and exotic event, moreover because Riga is going to be the European Capital of Culture at the time. Let us keep our fingers crossed that Riga would be approved to hold the World Choir Olympics!” says D. Čivle.

In case of a positive decision the Foundation Riga 2014 will be responsible for the World Choir Olympics organization in collaboration with the Riga city and state institutions, NGOs and private operators, particularly with those involved in the tourism industry.

Previous World Choir Olympics were held in China in 2010, the next are expected in summer of 2012 in Cincinnati, United States. Several Latvian choirs have given brilliant performances in the World Choir Games.


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