Friday the thirteenth is a lucky day for Maribor

Friday the thirteenth is a lucky day for Maribor
M. Jaudzema
14-01-2012 A+ A-
Today, the European Capital of Culture year will be opened in the Slovenian city of Maribor with a celebration in the city centre.

Yesterday, at a ceremonial event, Turku and Tallinn handed over the honour of being European Capital of Culture to Maribor by opening an exhibition of three European Embassies – Hungary, Finland and Estonia. Finnish circus artists and fire sculptors from Estonia “warmed” Maribor up with a fire show. Riga, as the European Capital of Culture in 2014, will entertain the people of Maribor with exhibitions and a Christmas tree in December. You can see the impressions from the opening events in our photos and videos.

It is not that easy to get to Maribor. First, one has to take several flights to Graz in Austria, and then from there, two trains to Maribor (isn’t it nice that Riga is easily accessible for travellers!). It is, however, definitely worth to visit to take a look at Slovenian artists’ and designers’ work or see the oldest wine tree in the world. In the summer, you also might just gather some friends in a minivan and go to the Maribor Music Festival where there are several stages located on the banks of the Drava River, on which a variety of bands is performing.


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