Tradicions are celebrated at a fair in Sweden

Tradicions are celebrated at a fair in Sweden
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Every year, in the middle of winter, in the biggest northern fair Jokkmokk, the ancient tradition and contemporary culture of the Sami are celebrated with various events. This year, special attention was paid to the Liv traditions and the search for the similarities and differences between the Sami and Livs. Both nations belong to the Finno-Ugric language group. In the beginning of February, the leader of the folk group Skandinieki Julgi Stalte represented the Liv culture in the fair.

Riga 2014 and the second European Capital of Culture in 2014 Umeå (Sweden) have included strengthening the ties between Livs and Sami as one of the cooperation points in their Capital of Culture events programme. This year, the two Capitals of Culture were widely introduced during the Jokkmokk Sami Fair. In cooperation with the Sami joik artist Jorgen Strenberg, Julgi Stalte created a concert programme that showed the differences and similarities between the two nations, including both – an individual musical story of each nation as well as joint pieces of both cultures in the concert.

“During the fair, the small town hosts 10 times more people than its population. Schools, floors, rooms, even entire houses are being rented. This week is very profitable, and even though the place is rather small, people are not afraid to organise major events. They take place during all seasons and provide strong financial support for the town. Despite the cold that can even reach – 43 ° C, people visit all the events, markets are working and a lot of people, including children, can be seen on the streets. People wearing traditional Sami folk costumes, Indians and other indigenous people in their national costumes can be seen almost everywhere, turning the city into a beautiful mixture of colours,” Julgi Stalte shares her impressions.

The Sami-Liv concert took place in the Sami Museum Ajte. The video of Riga 2014 was shown on the screen until the beginning of the concert, when the guests were addressed by the Head of the Umeå 2014 Office Helene Brewer and the Swedish Sami Union spokeswoman Ella-Carin Blind. The event began with a story about the similar history of Sami and Livs told by Ajte Museum specialist, historian Kjell-Åke Aronson. “The concert hall was full of people and the performance with its wind theme allowed everyone to have a meditative reflection, giving the songs an especially beautiful sound,” says Julgi Stalte.

The interview with Julgi Stalte is available on the Umeå 2014 website:


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