Riga planning to submit bid for title of World book Capital

Riga planning to submit bid for title of World book Capital
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Riga is planning to submit its candidacy for the honour of World Book Capital 2018. To fulfil this ambitious intention and promote book reading through other events, a work group by the name of “The Book Will Be,” was established on April 23.

The Rīga|2014 Foundation has gathered the strongest representatives of the book, publishing and library sectors, as well as UNESCO, Riga City Council and Ministry of Culture officials, with the aim of providing a long-term perspective for the book publishing industry, bringing the book and the reader closer together.

The work group’s creation date was not left to chance, since April 23 is celebrated globally as World Book and Copyright Day, and on this particular day the baton was passed to the next World Book Capital – this year, Erevan in Armenia.

The Rīga|2014 Foundation has assumed the functions of work group coordinator, since the book also comprises a significant role in the 2014 programme. The organizers of the European Capital of Culture year are working with new initiatives to strengthen long-term cultural processes, and they are confident of the positive influence of book publishing on social developments. 2014 will serve as a milestone and platform for preparations to build a strong application bid for Riga in 2018.

The title of World Book Capital in 2018 would be an excellent addition to the country’s centenary celebrations, focusing worldwide attention on the names of Riga and Latvia. Book industry representatives emphasized the role of this title in highlighting the unique book publishing traditions of Latvia, making it possible to develop interesting content for the cultural calendar and analyse the newest trends in literature.  Begun early, the work will also allow the city to carry out research on reading traditions and various aspects of events promoting reading.

More on the World Book Capital programme on the UNESCO website.

Contact person of “The Book Will Be,” work group, Head of the Rīga|2014 Programme Aiva Rozenberga (e-mail aiva.rozenberga@riga2014.org, mob.phone +371 29462451).


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