Riga and Umeå Make Joint Plans for an Amazing 2014

Riga and Umeå Make Joint Plans for an Amazing 2014
Aivars Lapiņš, „Siguldas Elpa”
26-04-2012 A+ A-
Alongside Riga, Umeå is also to be European Capital of Culture in 2014. In order to work on joint projects and exchange plans, colleagues from the Umeå office visited Riga on April 24 and 25.

A very good level of cooperation has developed between the organizers of Latvia and Sweden’s cultural capitals, and they are working on joint events, as well as unifying international communications and offers for tour operators. Every year, two cities become European Capitals of Culture and they traditionally develop complementary cultural programmes. Their geographical proximity and direct flights are a good prerequisite for the close link between Riga and Umeå.

The programmes of both cities have various points of contact – for example, our Swedish colleagues want to draw from our experience in organizing the Staro Rīga festival of light, which has become Northern Europe’s largest festival of this type in a matter of years. Cooperation on the festival of light began in 2011 and continues to evolve. In 2014, Umeå will focus on the culture of Europe’s North, and the two cities are planning joint events on Sami and Liv culture. Another axis of cooperation is to be the Survival Kit contemporary art festival.

During the visit, our colleagues from Umeå also paid a trip to Sigulda, Riga’s partner city during the European Capital of Culture year, and they were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of culture on offer, as well as Sigulda’s stunning nature.

Just like Riga, Umeå is also developing its European Capital of Culture Programme to strengthen long-term cultural processes and create networks of cultural operators, who will continue contributing to the development of the city after 2014.

The latest info on Umeå’s 2014 programme is available at: www.umea2014.se


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