Sarkandaugava to hold the first ‘Idea pool for a good place’

Sarkandaugava to hold the first ‘Idea pool for a good place’
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The first ‘Idea pool for a good place’ will be called in Sarkandaugava on May 31 at 15.00 to discuss the future of Alekša street square, representative of association ‘Sarkandaugava’ Alija Turlaja informed cultural portal 'Riga 2014.'

It is organized in process of European Capital of Culture project with the view on creating innovative cultural products – game and attraction objects to be installed in the district environment as a result of collaborative efforts of neighborhood people and designers.

Inhabitants of Sarkandaugava are invited to participate in ‘Idea pool for a good place’ with designers, architects, landscape designers, and artists in order to improve Alekša street square significantly.   

We are those who create places for ourselves; thus, neighborhood of Sarkandaugava is involved in development of a better site from the start.

Initiators of collaborative idea pooling wish to see people giving more time to open air activities, to being out in town, for which an inviting, involving and secure environment is needed – attractive sites for meeting and places to meet in and want to spend time in.

The site, marked for this exchange of ideas and search of solutions, is uninviting square in the center of Sarkandaugava, on the crossing of Tilta and Alekša streets, at the moment. The public transport stops in its proximity, and the square is busily crossed during the day, but gives no reason and hosts no amenities encouraging people to use it for longer.

The aim of the project is to transform Alekša street square into interesting, sympathetic place in Sarkandaugava, lending it prominent identity and color.

‘Idea pool for a good place’ on May 31 will generate ideas, which will enable filling the square with interactive elements of design by this autumn.

In order to carry out the ‘Idea pool for a good place’ and create the elements of environment design, ‘the pool’ joined forces with Contemporary Architecture Information Center of (CAIC). Idea pools are events for sharing ideas, knowledge, insights, and energy to act in order to achieve more than is possible separately.

Idea pool employs methodology of collective creation, enabling groups of people to find constructive solutions in light and attractive form. In turn, CAIC works on real improvements in environment ordering practice, organizing Riga Technical University international summer school, Architects’ conversations in kitchen and implementing new city environment concepts for development of Riga cycling infrastructure and evolvement of Miera street.

More information about the event:online here.



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