Participants of World Choir Games Surprised by the Riga 2014

Participants of World Choir Games Surprised by the Riga 2014
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The Riga 2014 informative recreation space gained vast popularity in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati, USA. Riga, as the next organiser of the choir games, in this space presents itself as a city with outstanding choral singing traditions. Genuine delight was created by informative materials on the Song and Dance Festival. Some spectators are even trying to count singers on the Mežaparks Great Stage in the photo. A valuable insight into our wealth of singing is provided by performances of the choir Sōla and the vocal ensemble Latvian Voices in the Riga space.

As explained by the art director of the 2014 World Choir Games Romāns Vanags: “Latvian singing traditions and achievements of Latvian choirs on an international scale serve as a  striking testimony of the fact that Riga deserves to be the venue of the World Choir Games. Eleven thousand a capella choir singers, singing in eight voices in the outdoor music-hall conducted by one conductor is a 140 year old Song Festival tradition, recorded in the UNESCO Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage List.”

Mr Vanags acknowledges: “The singers and choir conductors we met in Cincinnati are truly interested in the next World Choir Games ‒ the Riga event. It feels like a birthday because we receive numerous congratulations regarding the venue of the games in Riga. Special interest is expressed specifically by European colleagues, because in 2014 the World Choir Games are coming back to Europe again after a lengthy pause.”

The head of the foundation Riga 2014 Diāna Čivle emphasises: “The World Choir Games are indeed an impressive event, with a positive and friendly atmosphere and picturesque demonstration of culture of the world. We have been feeling it already since the first days of the Games. Our task and challenge is to embody this spirit of the games in Riga. As organisers, we will take care to ensure that the Riga Choir Games is attended by global-scale artists, that high-level master classes are organised for choir conductors and all participants have good memories of Riga, its organisation of the games and its special mood.”

In the Riga 2014 space the singers have the possibility to get to know about Latvia and Riga. The recreation opportunities include playing board games, enjoying Riga landscapes and the pace of the Song Festival in photo and video formats. The Riga 2014 team has really hit the mark – Riga hand-fans have gained enormous popularity among the participants, because at the moment Cincinnati is experiencing unusual 40 degree heat. Singers are interested in the Song and Dance Festival expected next year, and there is a large interest about both the events of the European Capital of Culture and, of course, the next World Choir Games.

The impressive opening concert of the World Choir Games took place on American Impendence Day, the 4th of July. It was attended by several American music stars, including the gospel music phenomenon, winner of nine Grammy awards, Kirk Franklin.


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