“Design Jam” – New Exhibition about Design Process and Creativity

“Design Jam” – New Exhibition about Design Process and Creativity
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Exhibition “Design Jam” will be on show in the courtyard of the architecture and design studio “Xcelsior”, Raņķa dambis 1, from the 25th of November to show how the design process happens and to prove that design is closely associated with the collaboration between the designer and the user of the product being designed.

The exhibition tells about the various methods that can be employed in the collaboration between the designer and the consumer. The goal of the exhibition is to show how designers meet innovative ecosystems, emphasising design in urban environment and samples of the “City for All” concept.

The outdoor exhibition is thematically divided into three parts: solution strategies, and European and Latvian examples.

In addition to international samples, the exhibition also presents young Latvian designers’ experience of the design process.

The exhibition – images, texts and video projections – will inform the public about the best examples of designers’ collaboration with architects, businessmen, design schools and residents, to create uniquely comfortable urban environment and public spaces. For example, children who go to kindergarten are asked what could be done to make their kindergarten better – and similar examples of good practice. The exhibition presents various methodologies that may be used in different situations as a tool to test design solutions before they are put into practice.

The exhibition showcases the best examples from the designer co-operation network “IDeALL”. The concept of “IDeALL” is to bring together professionals who see design as a driver of user-centred innovation that contributes to getting good ideas to market, emphasising the principles of “Design for All”, and Living Labs that help generate not only new methodologies but also organise complex communities in co-designing solutions for complex problems.

At the core of the exhibition is collaboration between five countries – France, Latvia, Spain, Finland and Slovakia – and the most popular French design centre “Cite du Design” in Saint-Étienne. Their joint work within the framework of “IDeALL” convinced the participating designers about the need to develop yet closer co-operation.

Saint-Étienne has been recognised in France and the world as a city of innovative design – the city not only hosts international design biennales but is also, along with another ten cities, a UNESCO City of Design.

The samples from France demonstrate the success of co-operation between designers, schools, municipalities, and cities that place their faith in design as a solution that helps achieve better quality of life for everyone.

We remind you that “Xcelsior” is also hosting one more exhibition, which has travelled to Riga from the “Vitra” museum in Germany – “The Hidden Heroes” – until the end of the year. The exhibition presents 36 objects of everyday use that are always around us and that we sometimes fail to notice.

Both exhibitions are part of the “Survival Kit” thematic line of the “Riga 2014” Programme.


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