Project “Riga Poetry Map” Closes with a Festival

Project “Riga Poetry Map” Closes with a Festival
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The association “Orbīta” closes the “Riga 2014” project “Poetry Map of Riga” with a major concert on the 11th of December at 6 p.m., where poetry will be showcased as integral part of various performing arts.

Participating in the event at Ģertrūde Street Theatre will be musicians and poets from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Russia. Admission for a donation.

“Throughout all the stages of the “Riga Poetry Map” so far, poetry was used to describe Riga, but this time we wanted to put poetry per se on the map of Riga,” says “Orbīta” representative Artūrs Punte. That way, poetry is not reflecting on the past but shows, at present, something that has never existed. Invited to perform at the festival are artists who combine poetry and music.

“Taking into consideration the great diversity of performances, you could consider the event a one-day festival.”

Some of the artists who will participate in the concert are well known to the Riga public, but there are also many foreign artists who have never performed in Latvia before. In total, nine music and poetry groups will perform during the concert. Estonia will be represented by “Paranoia Publishing Group Ltd.”, featuring poet, musician and performance artist Kiwa Noid. Also participating in the performance will be twin sisters Agnese and Madara Rutkēviča.

Audiovisual poetry group “AVaspo:7” will represent Lithuania. Poet and playwright Gabrielė Labanauskaitė is the leader of the group where various artists collaborate on new poetry and video installations.

Representing Finland will be the music/poetry duo of poet and musician Sándor Vály and poet, publisher and Tampere Poetry Festival’s organiser Jysky Ihalainen.

Two groups that will perform at the concert are from Russia. One is the conceptual music project “Studia Neosoznannoy Muziki” – founded in 2005, the group has involved a great variety of artists. The other creative union includes Andrei Rodionov, one of the most prominent Russian poets of the 21st century, and the Russian electronic music veterans “Yelochnie Igrushki”. In addition, the Moscow-born poet, spoken word artist and educator Alexander Delfinov has been living in Berlin for many years now, and will represent Germany at the concert.

Latvian artists participating in the event are Jēkabs Nīmanis and Varis Piņķis with a performance based on the New Riga Theatre play “Klāvs” with poetry by Klāvs Elsbergs.

The public will also have the opportunity to see artists that have already performed at past “Poetry Map of Riga” events – poet Semjons Haņins and double bassist Staņislavs Judins, the association “Vārda vibrācija”, and Viktors Keino (VJ Wickiss).

The concert/festival starts at 6 p.m., with hot food and beverages offered on the second floor of Ģertrūde Street Theatre (Ģertrūdes iela 101a). The concert is expected to run for about six hours and not according to a fixed schedule, which is why viewers may come and go any time they wish. Subtitles in Latvian will be provided for all performances by foreign artists.

Within the “Poetry Map of Riga” project, a non-traditional virtual map of Riga has been created as part of the “Riga 2014” Programme, showing the variety of urban phenomena in the city: streets, neighbourhoods, houses, cafes, intersections, backyards, transport routes etc. Map checkpoints follow the depiction of a particular place in poetry, whereas artworks created for the project represent a variety of genres – music and videos, installations and performances, interactive software, computer graphics, and others.


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