Creativity is taking over different neighbourhoods of Riga

Creativity is taking over different neighbourhoods of Riga
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Creative industries and creative neighbourhoods are relatively new “phenomena” both in the lives of people living in Riga and the common European policies.

Nowadays, active and, one could even say, slightly crazy people are implementing their ideas in different districts of Riga; these people are doing more than just making the particular block gain a new face, they’re also encouraging others to go and look around, contribute, become a part of the process. These spring-like activities bring changes in our own lives, the lives of our neighbours, the urban culture and daily routine during every season.

Riga’s creative quarters have become strong sub-centres, each with its own unique theme. Original sites and experiences draw people’s interest, have the potential to become economically meaningful, and can have a positive impact on the overall urban environment.

Riga Creative Quarters is the publication of a study done by Architect Ieva Zībārte exploring young entrepreneurs, curators of cultural processes, artists, architects and house owners, whose activities have had a positive impact on the urban environment. Published by Foundation Riga 2014.

In 2014, Riga will be the European Capital of Culture. In order to create positive long-term cultural traces in the city, Foundation Riga 2014 will invite creative quarters to create a common platform for their initiatives within a programme.

More about upcoming events in Riga’s creative quarters (in Latvian):


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