Courtyard Movement to Focus on Rīga’s Courtyards this Year

Courtyard Movement to Focus on Rīga’s Courtyards this Year
21-09-2012 A+ A-
There are exactly 7 months left until the day of the Big Clean-up on April 20 2013. Continuing the tradition of the Courtyard Movement, Rīga 2014 in cooperation with the organizers of the Big Clean-up plan to focus especially on Rīga’s courtyards in 2013.

Through a competition, 3 courtyards of Rīga apartment houses will be chosen to have improvement plans developed. In the competition, priority will be given to the courtyards with the highest level of activity and willingness to participate among their residents. Together with the people living around the courtyard, we will start real clean-up and improvement work on the Big Clean-up day on April 20.

The Courtyard Movement in Rīga’s courtyards is a Rīga 2014 project implemented by the Big Clean-up, aimed at encouraging people’s participation in improving their own living space. The Courtyard Movement was born in order to help residents find a common language and opportunities for cooperation in cleaning up and improving their courtyards. The experience of previous years is positive, with many inspiring stories and satisfaction regarding joint accomplishments.

The competition is open to all residents of apartment houses in Rīga willing to take the role of leader in the courtyard improvement process – involving neighbours, working closely with the organizers and otherwise helping in the successful realization of the project.

The results of the competition and the courtyards put forward for improvement will be announced by November.


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