Darkness will again be dissolved by the festival Staro Riga

Darkness will again be dissolved by the festival Staro Riga
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This year light festival “Staro Riga” will take place from 15th till 18th November. During four consecutive evenings in Riga at 6:00 PM dozens of light objects will be lit and seen from both near and far distance and as a part of city’s landscape. Facades of buildings, bridges, monuments and parks will become showcase objects of light and video technology and exhibitions of light installations.

This year’s conception of the light festival “Staro Riga” is an invitation for everyone to become a light-seeker and go on values-seeking quest. The spectators are encouraged not to get confused in the everyday information abundance, and from a simple observer become a light games player to answer questions to himself – what is good in life, what is bad, what is brilliant, what is raised too high, but essentially worthless.

Many creative and technical solutions companies are involved in the realization of the light festival “Staro Riga”. To create special light objects, dozens of artists and idea authors have invested their work. A light cafés route and billboard light objects program are included in the festival.

This the light festival “Staro Riga” will be held for the fifth time. It is organized by foundation Riga 2014 and it will also be one of many events in the European Capital of Culture year. Already now “Staro Riga” is an expected and one of the most visited events in Riga. The festival is funded by the Riga City Council, financial support for implementation of the projects is provided by many partners.

All information about the festival www.staroriga.lv


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