Rīga’s Jugendstil architecture on display in Maribor

Rīga’s Jugendstil architecture on display in Maribor
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An exhibition ‘Rīga’s Jugendstil architecture’ is featured in a separate building at the Vetrinj exhibition hall in Maribor, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture.

The exposition comprises 31 panels featuring colour photographs depicting both overall views and details of the buildings, as well as architectural drawings. The pieces selected for the exhibition reflect all the stylistic diversity of Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) architecture and enable visitors to get a feel for Rīga’s bounteous Jugendstil heritage, a unique treasure nowhere else in the world can come close to.

The exhibition was opened on 4 December by Latvia’s Ambassador to Slovenia Bahtijors Hasans and Programme Manager for Rīga 2014, Aiva Rozenberga. After the exhibition opening, visitors were able to watch a documentary Pretrunīgā vēsture (Controversial History) by Ināra Kolmane and Uldis Neiburgs, showing three different interpretations of history and memories of the lasting consequences in Latvia of repression and tyranny by foreign powers.

Those invited to attend included representatives of the accredited diplomatic corps in Slovenia, people from political, cultural, economic and social spheres, Latvians living in Slovenia and Latvian students studying on exchange programmes in Slovenian universities.

The Maribor exhibition will be open until 31 December.


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