Museum of Fateful Objects being assembled

Museum of Fateful Objects being assembled
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Work on two major projects – the Museum of Fateful Objects and Ladies’ Paradise – was commenced at the end of last year and is already actively continuing in the new year. Both projects are being developed by the Kinolats Media communication workshop and film studio under the auspices of the European Capital of Culture programme.

It is objects and possessions that we each associate with a particular period of our lives that most vividly embody the time and incidents of cultural history, confirming what happened and creating special stories of life’s events.

In the summer of 2014, LADIES’ PARADISE will invite viewers to performances of fashion theatre, providing insights into the most vibrant pages of European fashion history. Creator and director Ilona Brūvere sees the project as a magnificent series of shows uncovering historical materials and showing viewers the world of fashion in the period 1900-2000. Latvian fashion designers have been invited to participate in special productions.

The MUSEUM OF FATEFUL OBJECTS is an invitation to an extensive exhibition of historic cultural testimony. In 2014, under the auspices of Rīga’s European Capital of Culture programme, the doors will open on exposition of very personal objects, items and stories, created by the inhabitants of Rīga themselves.

Artist Artis Rutks and project manager – director and journalist Ilona Brūvere – intend the museum to transcribe Rigans’ most personal possessions into testimonials of history. Potential items for the MUSEUM OF FATEFUL OBJECTS are already being researched.

The 25 best stories will be selected for filming and fifty will be included in the book Stories Told By Fateful Objects, which will compile more than 100 photographs and stories of fateful objects.


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