‘Totaldobže': ‘Compass,’ dance performance and Masha Era

‘Totaldobže': ‘Compass,’ dance performance and Masha Era
Publicity photo . Masha Era
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Art center ‘Totaldobže’ invites to one of the planned ‘Compass’ presentations this week. Followers of Latvian dance seen will be able to enjoy a contemporary dance performance and – work of Russian electronic musician and video artist Masha Era, in the end of the office week.

The Totaldobže art center opens presentation ‘Compass’ on Wednesday, May 29 at 19.00 to introduce the well-established new media artists Gints Gabrāns and Jānis Garančs from Latvia and Estonian performance artists to wider public.

We remind that ‘Compass’ is a program of presentations of new art aimed at informing about the current processes, explicating this realm of art and  popularizing it, as well as involving the public in development of new work, created in this vein, as investors.

‘Compass’ will conclude on the 7th of June this year with festival ‘Urban Poetry’ organized by ‘Totaldobže.’


In mid-week, ‘Totaldobže’ program of the week lists choreographer and physical artist Simona Orinska’s butoh performance ‘Human project’ (“Cilvēka projekts”) on Wednesday, May 29, starting at 21.00.

‘Human project’ is a multi-disciplinary performance exploring the levels of Latvian mytho-poetic thinking – archetypes of folklore, layers of Christianity, grotesque of Medieval theatre, and the process-driven and paradoxical code of post-dramatic theater and contemporary art – in contemporary context. This performance is a metaphor of spiritual evolvement: in order to discern a new path, human being must face his private shadows,’ is how the author of performance introduces her work.

Performers – Ieva Putniņa, Atvars Buka, Laura Feldberga, Anda Hūna, Viktorija Eksta, Anna Egle. Entrance fee – 3 lats.


Russian electronic musician and video artist Masha Era will perform on ‘Totaldobže’ roof terrace on Friday, May 31.

Masha Era creates mini format electronic music framed by sincere and delicate vocal pieces. Her music is enriched by original video work screened on translucent material and combined with elements of theatrical style – make-up, costume and physical expression.

Masha Era received the award of ‘16 tons’ club in nomination ‘Music/arts project’ in 2007. In 2010, the artist performed in one of the major and most popular music events in Europe, which is ‘Fusion’ festival in Germany.

Masha Era’s production team has initiated ‘Night Party Society’ (NITE), which brings together artists and musicians representing the new wave in arts and music in Moscow. The firs NITE event was held in Moscow in ‘16 tons’ in December 2009.

Dedicated to Chernobyl disaster, Masha Era’s song ‘Rainbow’ was included in Roman Cherpak’s installation ‘My Birthplace’ presented in 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.

Concert begins at 22.30, entrance from 21.00. Tickets – 2 lats.

Art center ‘Totaldobže’ is found in the compound of former factory VEF by address Ūnijas street 8, corpus 2.


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