The Cultural Energy of Riga 2014 Muscles the Marathon

The Cultural Energy of Riga 2014 Muscles the Marathon
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Culture will be represented in the Mile of Culture in Nordea Riga Marathon this year in the form of cultural accents chosen by its organizers to enliven the distance along the way.

In 2014 when Riga becomes the European Capital of Culture, the event to open the Marathon will be Freedom Run envisaged to pass through the main street of the city – the Freedom street.

Freedom Street, within the context of the Riga as European Capital of Culture programme, is not just the story of a street. Freedom Street is a symbolic stage, a system of signs, a tale of history and wars, which we can say only ended yesterday, even though perhaps a whole century has elapsed.

Riga has always been proud of its rich cultural life, and it is only in consistence with this history that it has earned the title of the European Cultural Capital of 2014 – the year when life in town is expected to become especially enlivening. In 2014, The cultural energy will light up Riga from its center to the outermost districts. The capital of Latvia will see more than 200 events happening within the Force Majeure program.

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