Events of the season in creative quarters in Affiche

Events of the season in creative quarters in Affiche
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
29-05-2013 A+ A-
Foundation Riga 2014 has issued ‘Affiche’ summarizing information about creative quarters and their summer events in Riga.

Creative quarters have become an indelible part of cultural life and they have been assigned a big part to play in 2014 – the year when Riga will be European Capital of Culture. For Latvia, it will be opportunity to become prominent as metropolis of classical and new art forms on the map of the world.

Informing about creative quarters, this is already the second ‘Affiche’ inviting to discover Riga in personal and original way. Its previous issue was awarded a prize in design and proved to be a bibliographical rarity.

Information on more than ten quarters and creative initiatives is assembled in the ‘Affiche’.  The features of the city are vividly marked by Kalnciema quarter, Spīķeri, Andrejsala, VEF, Miera Street republic, Berga bazaar and other quarters. Places like Ģertrūde Street theatre, RISEBA Center of Education and Culture in Pārdaugava, Kaņepe cultural center, I-deja house, the Center for Contemporary Arts and Ghetto Games in Grīziņkalns.

Additionally, ‘Poster’ offers preview of creatively-informative space Esplanade 2014 which will function from second part of June till September as open office of Riga 2014 announcing the year of European Capital of Culture by a wide program of cultural events.

Creative quarters of Riga have become not only a highly appreciated part of urban everyday, but are included in the site-seeing routes of visitors, which has prompted bi-lingual – Latvian and English edition of ‘Affiche'. 

The printed issue of ‘Affiche’ will be available in creative quarters and cultural venues. It can be received in Riga 2014 office in the Congress Hall. Everyone interested in this edition can read and download it in the cultural portal of Riga 2014.

Creative quarters, their inhabitants and latest programm here.



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