Austrian travellers start hiking along the Amber Road

Austrian travellers start hiking along the Amber Road
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014 . Participants of the expedition Helmut Kapeller and Walter Kutscher
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On Saturday, 1 June, at 10. am two Austrian travellers – Helmut Kapeller and Walter Kutscher – started hiking along the ancient Amber Road with the beginning point by The Freedom Monument.

Participants of this expedition are going to take the road from Riga to Carnuntum, Austria- more than 2100 kilometers across Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.



Travellers met Diāna Čivle, head of „ Rīga 2014” foundation and Aiva Rozenberga who manages programmes of the foundation. During the meeting travellers emphasized that Riga as the 2014 European Capital of Culture was the reason why travellers started this hike exactly in here.

 „Amber is a significant part of Rīga 2014 programme as we are creating a new European culture collaboration network within the mediation of several international projects. This network will unite the cities of the Amber Road in a new interdisciplinary collaboration,” said D. Čivle.

We want to show Riga as a „hometown” for a modern or, in other words, future amber through the whole year of the European Capital of Culture programme, explained Aiva Rozenberga. She then told Austrian travellers about the amber thread with special medicinal qualities invented by professor Inga Ļašenko from RTU(Riga Technical University). This unique invention is used in an exhibition of the textil artist Iveta Vecenāne. The exhibition invites to „Rīga 2014” and is currently available in Washington, USA curated in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.


A.Rozenberga who wished good luck in the expected trip was also pleased with Austrian initiative to hike along the track of the Amber Road which means – a circle of friends and fanciers of the Baltic amber grows only wider.

A book about the adventures of this trip is planned to publish by spring 2014 with its presentation in Riga.



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