The most beautiful concert hall opened in Rezekne

The most beautiful concert hall opened in Rezekne
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
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From Thursday, 30 May a brand new concert hall in Eastern Latvia – The Embassy of Latgale „GORS” is now available for visitors in Rezekne, celebrating the opening with an impressive concert. „Both Riga and Paris do not have a modern acoustic concert hall. This, in fact, unites these two cities now,” said music journalist Orests Silabriedis during the concert while speaking to the audience. He also added – opening a new concert hall in Rezekne had been a deep symbolic moment since hundred years ago Latgale was the exact place where the idea of an independent state of Latvia grew up.

Diāna Zirniņa, the manager of the concert hall, emphasized to journalists that a task for this concert was to discover possibilities of the concert hall in wide-range spectrums of genres and stylistics. „We are proud that Latgale is the exact place where this concert hall is built for the first time in twenty five years of the state independence,” said D.Zirniņa who also invited every visitor of the event to become an ambassador of the culture of Latgale.



Uģis Brikmanis, a director who created a song play in the first part of the concert „Ķēniņmeita. Latgales pasaka” (The king’ s daughter. A fairy tale of Latgale), said concert agencies should try to organise events exactly in the concert hall of Eastern Latvia. If the artist performed only in Rezekne, that would be a way how to accustom the audience to come and visit this unique event. „I don’ t know what I’ m gonna do when the time comes for me to go back to Riga. It was a pleasure to work in here, I’ m proud of this opportunity that had been given right to me,” said Brikmanis. He also heard from artists that they were delighted with such a great acoustics in the concert hall. 

„This is an excellent event not only for Latgale, but also for the whole Latvian concert life!”

A performance of the first part of the concert unfolded unique treasures of Latgalian folklore influenced by different nations and ages. It also highlighted skills of Latgalian musicians, players and dancers. Nearly one hundred participants took part in this performance – mostly children and youth from Rezekne Music Secondary School and Music School of Jānis Ivanovs together with city choirs, dance groups „ Dziga” and „Dziguči”, folklore bands and other Latgalian artists. Iveta Apkalna, also a Latgalian from Rezekne who received her education in Rezekne Music School, is an organist recognised in Europe and around the rest of the world. She performed in the second part of the concert. 


„If someone told five years ago that Rezekne could have its own concert hall, I would not believe it. But now it’ s real,” said Apkalna who added that the concert hall in Eastern Latvia deserves a digital organ. She revealed that the instrument had been noticed. „The organ stays in a studio near Stuttgart. I would be glad if someone found a way to fund this purchase,” said Apkalna. That new concert hall is a similar or even better option when comparing with other European acoustic concert halls, she added. 

„Classical music finally sounds the way it’ s supposed to!” said Vestards Šimkus, the great pianist who performed Sergey Rachmaninov’ s „ Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” together with Liepaja Symphony Orchestra. The pianist praised the acoustics of the concert hall saying that he is happy to play on a „ Steinway & Sons” grand piano, the one he helped to choose from German musical instruments manufacturer.

After the concert, Jānis Streičs, a film director, expressed his joy about the newly built concert hall together with Pēteris Vasks, a composer, Juris Žagars, the director of Festival of the Arts „ Cēsis 2013” and many other visitors.


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