Italy introduced by Riga as the European Capital of Culture

Italy introduced by Riga as the European Capital of Culture
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
11-06-2013 A+ A-
Embassy of Latvia in Italy, "Rīga 2014" foundation and Latvian Tourism Development Agency are curating seminars in order to inform about Riga as the European Capital of Culture in 2014. Seminars are held on 11 June, in San Marino and on 12 June, in Ravenna.
Residents from San Marino and Emilia-Romagna region can also find more information about Latvian tourism options.
Italy was included into top priority incoming tourism markets in 2013 while Emilia-Romagna is one of the biggest tourism regions in Italy. Besides, 80 000 tourists from Italy have visited Latvia, therefore, for Latvia this is a serious input. The number of Italian tourists visiting Latvia is increasing from year to year.
While attending both seminars, Aiva Rozenberga, the programme director of "Rīga 2014" foundation and Linda Penka, a representative from Latvian Tourism Development Agency, plan to introduce Riga as the destination for culture and entertainment tourism. Also representatives from tourism institutions, tour operators, journalists are planning to attend seminars. Delegates from Italian cities standing for the European Capital of Culture in 2019 will join them, too.
"Rīga 2014" presentation in San Marino is curated in cooperation with The Secretary for Foreign Affairs in San Marino.
Official contract signing between Ravenna community and The National Library of Latvia is planned during Ravenna visit in order to curate Ravenna cultural heritage –  traditional mosaic, display at the Library in 2014. Italy will hold the EU Presidency in 2014 while Riga will be The European Capital of Culture.
Laima Jansone, well-known lute player from Latvia, will perform at San Marino Palazzo Begni and Dante' s Memorial during presentations.
Latvia and Italy are interested in collaboration with "Rīga 2014" by exchanging several art, education and creative industries projects. Collaboration is negotiated within both "Rīga 2014" foundation and Latvia' s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg will be those countries who hold the EU Presidency in 2014 and 2015. All three countries will define a united programme where several European regions input is to be reflected. Latvian ambassador in Italy Elita Kuzma wishes to point out "The New Amber Road" which is a thematic line of "Rīga 2014" programme. It is associated with culture heritage aspects, collaboration in education and science as well as Latvia working with Italy in tourism sphere.
"Amber Vein" thematic platform is an important dimension of an international longterm cooperation. It has a future potential and culture heritage value for Latvia-Italy relationships.
"Rīga 2014" foundation representatives have visited Italy before. An exposition of "Rīga 2014" and Latvia' s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was opened in 2012, in Rome. It was called „Visita Riga a Roma! Una mostra fotografica e interattiva su Riga, Capitale Europea della Cultura 2014” and united several exhibitions "under one roof" – "Rīga 24h" made by Latvian new designers and "Rīga no augšas"("Riga from the top") made by an architect Jānis Dripe and a photographer Juris Kalniņš.
In Rome, Baltic Week under the mark of the amber was held in December, 2012, in Villa Giulia together with the conference "New discoveries about Baltic amber: discoveries, new boundaries on knowledge about the amber and The Baltics." Māra Kalniņš, a professor from Corpus Christi college, Cambridge University, represented Riga as the European Capital of Culture.
"The ancient amber routes: travels from Rīga to Byzantium", a book written by Kalniņš was presented during the conference.
The Baltics amber art stand is also opened. Iveta Vecenāne, a textil artist from Latvia, represents Latvia. She uses the amber thread in her art, symbolising amber as the connection between past and future and showing modern options of amber use in science and art. The thread is innovation by Inga Ļašenko, a scientist from Riga Technical University (RTU). The intention of this project is to show Riga as "home" for modern amber.


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