"Survival kit 5" Contemporary Art Festival opening this September

Publicitātes foto . From 5 to 15 September, LCCA will curate the 5th International Contemporary Art Festival "Survival Kit"
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From 5 to 15 September, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) will curate the 5th "Survival kit 5" International Contemporary Art Festival inviting more than fifty artists from fourteen European countries and USA. This year, a wide-range exhibition will be presented at Avoti, Lāčplēša iela 60 (60 Lāčplēša Street). In addition, concerts, performances, artists' presentations and two-day symposium with international experts "Ad marginem. Māksla un kultūra institucionālajās un teritoriālajās perifērijās" ("Ad marginem. Art and culture within institutional and territorial peripheries"), informed Elza Zīda, representative of LCCA.
Artists are invited to reflect about an important society problem within their works by creating alternative survival scenario. "Survival kit 5" reaches a slow revolution updating marginality, overturning power positions and doubting the domination of the centre. It's a non-hierarchic movement grown from a need of an individualist. It develops democratic traditions inviting people to need what they wish for.
When we look at the changing world scene witnessing "Occupy Gezi" movement in Turkey, Arabian Spring, "Occupy Wall Street" action in New York and other activities in Greece, Spain or Israel, it's clear that "slow revolution" is a comprehensive movement continuing to grow only wider by creating the mood of significant and large society groups.
This year, several artists will reflect about different strategies in order to change current system or event to create an alternative. Those will be The Yes Men from USA, Johanna Billing from Sweden, Minna L. Henriksson from Finland, Gabriel Lester from the Netherlands, Harun Farocki from Germany, Matthieu Laurette from France, Oliver Ressler from Austria, Ane Hjort Guttu from Norway, Erik Alalooga (Postinstrumentum) from Estonia, Sasha Kurmaz from Ukraine, etc.
Leonards Laganovskis, Ivars Drulle, Krišs Salmanis, Ernests Kļaviņš, Mārtiņš Zutis, Klāvs Upaciers, Vladimirs Jakušonoks, Anda Lāce, Kate Krolle, Artūrs Punte, Maija Mackus, Liene Mackus, Eva Vēvere un Laura Prikule, Ingrīda Pičukāne, Vilnis Putrāms, Laura Ķeniņš, Gundega Evelone, Kārlis Vītols, Ieva Kaula and many other artists will participate from Latvia.
"Ad marginem. Māksla un kultūra institucionālajās un teritoriālajās perifērijās", a two-day  symposium in cooperation with Norwegian project platform Rakett, Galleri Box/Snowball Cultural Productions curated by Swedish artists, Tranzit from Kaliningrad District, Russia, will be held. During this event, the essence of marginality in its many aspects (conditional, positional and tactical) will be explored, which is also used in the context of modern culture.
Therefore, marginality is rather a constant power, not just a central opposition. It then challenges existing discourse and knowledge by its heterogeneity and difference. 
Such experts as Paula Toppila from Finland, Omer Krieger from Israel, Malak Helmy from Egypt, Maija Rudovska from Latvia, Juste Kostikovaite from Lithuania and Janna Graham from Great Britain will take part into symposium.
"Survival Kit" was founded in 2009 as a reaction to changes after economic crisis in Latvia.
Each year, LCCA chooses a new theme that is important to society inviting artists and creative workers to reflect about those ideas. "Survival Kit" is one of the most recognized and internationally evaluated contemporary arts festival in Latvia. Therefore, its definite focuse is to become an art biennale in 2014, when Riga will hold the position of The European Capital of Culture.


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